Drive Much

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Drive Much

There was a time when a drive into the city meant there would be a car full of people. Why waste gas? Now gas prices don’t matter, just pit it on credit cards? Country folks usually had a car load because they may have only gone into town once a week. One chance to get away for a day, better take it. Taking a long drive with a car full of strangers finds everyone acting like old friends in less than a day. A cross country drive with kids is said ‘to build character.’ A driving trip by auto should have more than one driver to share part of the trip, alternate regularly.

We have become a nation of single minded individuals, each person now wants to drive alone. There’s bumper-to-bumper traffic going 5 miles an hour at rush hour? That is not really what you would call a rush-hour. Maybe a one finger salute, horn honking, gun pointing, road rage, and cursing hour. The cities have been fighting traffic congestion for years, so they asked people to carpool. They even allow carpool lane to move along faster. Sitting in stopped traffic a few times should be a great incentive to join a carpool and drive in the fast lane. I believe there are very heavy fines for a single driver not playing by the rules and speeding down the carpool lane.

Just about every working person in the country has to drive to work at least five times a week. This brings up a big question, “why are they speeding and running late.” Why not just leave a few minutes early? It’s a lot safer to eat your cornflakes and toast at your breakfast table than behind the steering wheel. Many people have lost their lives because the other driver was just finishing his breakfast instead of watching the lights changing.

The same car was reported speeding every morning for about a month. Every morning at the same time she would come speeding down the interstate highway doing 90 miles an hour. The Highway Patrol watched for her, sure enough she came speeding past, right on schedule. She didn’t have any answer for why she didn’t bother to leave her home just a few minutes earlier. She was a schoolteacher with a sixty mile drive to school. What does that tell John Q Public ?

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