Marble Topped Soda Fountain




Cherry On Top

This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.

Marble Topped Soda Fountain

‘Cherry On top’, took me off the photo detail plan and right back to our little small-town Soda Fountain in the front of the drugstore. Right on Main Street with easy access for all. It was close enough for school kids to run down to at noon. The old druggist would put together for them a cherry coke, or any flavor they desired. This was possibly the first cherry coke, well before Coca-Cola was putting Cherry Cokes in cans and bottles. The cherry coke was a very popular drink with the school kids, they even got a cherry with it.


Most everything that was served at that soda fountain, ice cream parlor had a cherry on top of the finished product. If you wanted to go all out and party. You could have the Royal Banana Split that was out of this world. As far as tempting taste treats, it was unbeatable.


Every ice cream Sunday, no matter what flavor crossed the counter it had a cherry on top. You could also have some sprinkles, chopped nuts or peanuts and maybe a little shot of whipped cream to hold the cherry on top.


As I recall there were many other things to order. They all had a cherry on top. The owner evidently bought cherries in a 5 gallon can or at least a gallon jar because he went through a lot of cherries. The operator of that old-time soda fountain could make you about any kind of an ice cream float that you wanted or a malt or milkshake. One for the road, make it a double dip ice cream cone with different flavors on each dip if that was your fancy, 5 cents a scoop.


There was always this big old one penny scale by the door. We should have weighed both coming in and going out. It cost a penny for your weight, a little fortune card popped out of a slot on the bottom for a nickel. Those were the good old days, the memories I have of the old soda fountain, one little red cherry took me right back there.

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