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If you plan to drink alcoholic beverages, please use a glass. It just seems proper and will get you in a lot less trouble, if you are consuming your beverages from a glass.

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold beer served in a frosty glass. It will tease, test and then tantalize your taste buds! Your thirst will be quenched a lot better than with cool aid when it’s 99° in the shade. You could drink that cold beer straight from the bottle for more burps and a belch. Chug a lug drinking, your swallowing air with your beer, more burps for the buck but less class without the glass. Go for that tall frosted glass show that you really do have a touch of style when it comes to enjoying your favorite ale or beer.

If you buy alcohol by the bottle always measure with a shot glass, then pour it into your drinking glass with whatever you are serving it with. It is so uncouth to drink alcohol directly from the bottle and it can start you on the pathway to destruction. A life of crooked footsteps and tipsy turns of events in your life. Being a social drinker will usually keep you out of trouble, as far as alcohol abuse goes. Do your drinking with others in a bar or lounge for the enjoyment and the camaraderie of having a night out.

If you come to a point in your life where you quit using a glass, beware! It is very easy for too much alcohol consumption to take a bear hold on you. Directly into your mouth from the bottle, it doesn’t make much difference if it is still in the brown bag or not. Infants are even tempted to take one or two extra swallows from their bottles.

There are groups of people who are confirmed bottle drinkers. They like to stand or sit around in a circle and just shoot the breeze and pass the bottle. Everyone gets afraid to pass his bottle around sooner or later. One or two good old boys will chug-a-lug, chug-a-lug. The smart fellow gets stingy and only passes his jug after he already drank most of it on the way to the meeting. He knows the bottle will never come back to him with anything in it. Each person is going to take a couple extra swallows to make sure he gets his share, just in case the bottle never gets passed around again. Which it surely will not with the wrong person in the group visiting over the fine art of liquor tastings.

Some of the good old boys themselves used to cook a lot of moonshine. I would imagine any time you have liquor in large quantities you don’t drink from a girly glass. You don’t want to see too much of a surplus start to develop. So instead of using a glass you do your drinking from a fruit jar. Fruit jar drinkers seem to be of breed all their own. They are usually very happy fiddler, banjo playing, harmonica experts as well as being the famous fruit jar drinkers from down south. Many famous Bluegrass music groups were formed at fruit jar drinking festivals. I propose a toast to the drinking glass, jar, dipper, cup, shoe, glass slipper etc..


2 thoughts on ““Cheers”

  1. sumtimez i wish i still could drink an wash all my troubles away, but since i haven’t drank alcohol since 1997..well, ever now an again i suck down a non-alcoholic beer frum henekin on a hot day.close as i get now, or i’d get outa “CONTROL” ………. 🙂 cheerzzzzzzzzz 2 u nevertheless….. Q


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