A Piece of Advice

This week’s challenge brings out the positive: tell us about a piece of advice you’ve received — and would like to share with others.


This piece of advice doesn’t sound very positive, but here is my advice. M.Y.O.B. Mind your own business. If a friend shares something personal with you, don’t betray that friendship by telling it to others. Don’t Yakety Yak on the cell phone all day long and then all night long about others people’s business. Take care of your own business, don’t worry about someone else’s business, or repeat it to keep cell phones hot. Gossiping on the phone always causes problems for everyone concerned.

When a story gets told about someone else’s trouble, it will get changed each time that it is retold. If you have a half a dozen different people who love to gossip about other’s problems. You’re going to end up with a lot of different variations of that story. There will be hard feelings started always and feelings of betrayal by someone that you called friend. Instead of gossiping about a friend’s problem. If you are truly concerned, go to that person and share your suggestions about what might help solve that person’s problem. Do it out of friendship, alone, as a single person, not as the answering committee for a gossipy group of cell phone addicts.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone for communication purposes. He did this with the thought that the telephone would be attached to a wall, or setting on a desk. He would no doubt feel real bad if he could see all the people walking out into speeding traffic, stepping in front of a train, falling in a swimming pool, falling down the stairs. Mr. Bell would no doubt wonder, as I do. What on earth can they all be constantly talking about?

The old switchboard operators at the telephone company must have had a lot of laughs. They could over hear all the different conversations on the old party lines. The original gossip lines, where a half dozen homes shared the same connection. If we act on and show concern about our own problems that will keep us occupied. Worry will do nothing for us or friends. We have no business listening to or talking about anyone else’s lives, troubles, business, or activities on the phone. That job is for Home Land Security.


One thought on “M Y O B

  1. If my son hadn’t bought me a cell phone, I wouldn’t have one. It drives me crazy to hear someone talking on their phone loudly in the store or standing in a line. I always give them my stink eye look..haha
    We had a party line. I still remember that number. That beautiful heavy black phone that I could only talk to my grandparents on…good memories.


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