Lost In Death Valley




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Lost In The Mojave

Baby, “please talk to me.” I don’t know why you’re so mad, “You wanted to see the Mojave Desert and here we are.” We might be a little bit lost right now but we will get out of here, everything will be just fine. Yeah right, “Mr. Adm. Byrd, Mr. Christopher Columbus, the great explorer of the 54,000 square mile Mojave Desert.” Idiot, “A little bit lost!” You are the one who decided to turn off the Highway to do a little exploring on your own. Have you ever heard of a compass?

Baby, there are so many All Terrain Vehicle tracks out here you don’t know where any of them will go. Maybe that’s just the problem, way too many tracks and I got confused which one I was supposed to be taking. You sure got confused all right, “You don’t even have any idea what direction we are going, north east south or west.

We are running low on water and the sun will be going down pretty quick. We will spend the night right here by these big rocks, nice and cozy. Hey lover boy, “I wonder if they got wolves out here that will come have us for a midnight snack?” I can’t believe the mess you got us into because you wanted to be the Super Explorer. You left the pickup and trailer parked somewhere back along that road miles from Baker, we will be lucky if we ever see them again. It isn’t even a highway just a trail between Baker and Kelso.

Baby I have a strategy, the best thing to do right now is cuddle up to each other by this four wheeler. Try to make ourselves as comfortable as we can. We don’t have that much gas left, we are going to have to wait for sunrise. When the sun comes up we know we have to go the opposite direction to get back to Baker California or somewhere in California and back to civilization. Sooner or later we will have to come to the interstate highway that runs through Baker.

We are so far from nowhere our cell phones are useless out here. No one has any reason to be checking for a GPS signal coming from either one of our phones. We are not missing, just on vacation. I don’t think we could have gone far enough north to be near Death Valley. Baby, “It just seems to me like we been going around in circles all day.” You bet Sherlock, “Around in circles that’s exactly what you’ve been doing.”

Two weeks later a Marine helicopter on maneuvers from Camp Pendleton, California found an all-terrain vehicle out in Death Valley. The only signs of anyone being around there were torn pieces of clothing scattered all over. They were reported as missing tourists at Death Valley by the authorities.



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