Once Forbidden




Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

We have been given the word forbidden as a daily prompt. There is not a long list of things that are forbidden in our modern times, “One might be murder” and another “Shouting fire in a crowded movie theater.” One fellow out in Colorado thought he would do both at the same time. That brought out copy cat killers. I will rent my movies now. It would appear, some where along the way reverse psychology has taken over. I don’t blame Dr. Spock for that. His influence on young parents and child raising will be discussed for many more years and the decision that is made will be by somebody who is far above my pay grade.

If something has the forbidden label attached to it, that is almost like a green light for many people. The first thing that comes into their minds is, “Let’s do it.” Since the early 1960’s society in both Europe and United States have been moving to a much more permissive stance. Many things that were considered forbidden in the 1950’s became acceptable before the 1970’s rolled around.

The college-age people of the 1960s were given many labels. You might have called them the good time generation. They enjoyed their freedom and their rights to express themselves verbally and physically. Many claimed their mental condition improved dramatically if they had marijuana to smoke. That helped sharpen their senses and furthering their education worked a lot better.

There was much for those young people to demonstrate against besides just society in general. During the Vietnam War years millions visited Washington D.C.. For much of it they had good reasons to demonstrate. The government was really caught off guard, they had never seen demonstrations to the extent that the colleges and universities were doing. The government overreacted in many cases causing the deaths of some young people. The National Guard only exacerbated the problems, with the shooting deaths at Kent State. That was like throwing gas on a roaring fire

We got through the turbulent 60s and the troublesome 70s and the world did not end. Many more freedoms became acceptable after those years ended. Was it good for society or was it bad.? The world continues to move on and a lot of people seem to show less respect for their neighbors, a lot less love, sharing and caring goes out from peoples hearts.

The word forbidden has kept much of society around the world in check for centuries. Humans, like sheep, need rules and leaders to keep them out of trouble. That world has now become a lot more permissive. I don’t think it’s a real stretch of the imagination to connect this with the terrorist activity that has been growing almost everywhere on earth.

The people whose religion has the word forbidden on many pages of their religious literature, hate the word permissive. Their belief is so strong they will murder innocent people all over the world to keep the word forbidden on everyone’s tongues and at the front of their minds. Obey or die leaves no wiggle room or need for lawyers.


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