This week, share a post about something that’s about to disappear
Everyone wants to leave something to posterity when they die. It is a natural desire to leave property, a business or wealth for those you leave behind. I have never had children of my own so already missed out on the offspring part. I also came up short in the fame and fortune department, no wealth or property. I have my writing and the faith and hope that it will touch and help people long after my departure.

When I got married I instantly had four daughters and a grandson. We now have fourteen grandchildren and eight grandchildren. I’m the father and grandfather to them, have been for 46 years. I hope they understand my posterity, wealth of a different denomination.

I have been writing stories about my ancestors, my grandparents and great grandparents as far back as I can go. They came from four different countries and settled in America, in the late 1800’s The stories need to be recorded about these people who came, sacrificed, suffered, worked hard and many died young. We must record our history, hopefully we can learn something from that. If we don’t learn from our history we probably will forget about how to treat our fellow man in time . Especially about treating one another the way we would want to be treated. Our high tech world doesn’t teach that part well.

My children and grandchildren don’t get involved in the writing that I’m doing at this time. I hope that changes as they get older. I just feel compelled to write stories about the history of our family so those stories will stay alive for ever. My wife and I feel very fortunate to have a family as part of our posterity, families are valuable in many ways.

I recently did some research on our family from Norway. A relative in Norway I never knew told me that our family is mentioned in a book about the copper mining history there. It sounds like we were there when the three Tax Brothers came from Saxony to Norway in 1640 to mine the copper. They brought with them mining techniques on better ways to get more ore out of the ground easier they were some of the first ones to use black powder for blasting the ore loose to get the copper out. I was very excited to learn this information and to share it with others. The Tax Brothers did much for posterity there long ago.

This is all part of my goals for posterity, researching and recording what our ancestors went through, how they pressed on and continued to better thier lives through education and hard work. We take so much for granted now, that’s all the more reason for us to give thanks and keep the old history, memories, and stories alive to share for posterity.

5 thoughts on “Geneology

  1. Leland,

    I enjoyed your post. I spent a few years researching my genealogy and before I knew it ( five years later), I had a novel. Sometimes the truth is better than fiction, but I had to change a few things around because I went back to 1797 inventing the threads that I hope future generations will read.


    • Thank you Bonita for the kind words, hope your Novel is a huge success.
      I have been playing with the idea of doing something similar, as I’ve been having a blast with geneology. Digging back into our family, now this year I got a real surprize from Norway, a lady there is way ahead of my work. She sent me a book about our genealogy going way back, it appears three German brothers came to Norway in the 1600s to do copper mining. They intermarried with our family members all these years. My only problem now is, I can’t read Norwegian, over 600 pages, almost all Norwegian.

      A novel would be rather costly and probably not a lot of people are going to buy a book about some old geezers life story. I may end up settling for putting my blog posts on a DVD and make several copies for the kids because I’m sure as they get older there will be interest in geneology.
      Thank you again for visiting, best wishes to you and yours.


      • No one knows how old you are unless you tell them 🙂 I would upload those 600pages into google translate and see what you can find. Best wishes. Bonita


      • Thanks for the tip. I have used Google translate now very limited, just a small amount at a time. I wish they would quit screwing around with this stuff. I know close to 10 years ago I had a translator to translate a whole page right off the scanner. I just found out these new notebooks come with a different format, gdoc. have to change format to open on word 2007 Changes were made for progress. Progress progress.


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