Autonomy For All



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Autonomy For All

Autonomy is a a birth right that requires getting through the infancy stage. A baby is born totally dependent on nurses or a mother and father for care to survive those first months of life. As it gets from the 18 month to two year old stage, sometimes a little children start to express their desire for their own autonomy. They have a deep desire to do things on their own, to discover things in their own way, they want to be free. The human body is put together that way, a constant wish to advance, move ahead, grow. Overprotective parents could kill that wish for autonomy before it ever gets started. They must trust the child to start learning to be free and experiment in its’s own ways on independence.

Some overbearing parents will not let their children find their own autonomy. They want children to be carbon copies of what they are. Growing up to be just like they are, to do things in the same way that they do. There is one problem with that. Every human being is an individual person, there can be no carbon copy of the other. They might have some similarities but that is all.

Families with overbearing parents could be compared to a dictatorship. The rulers in power will not let its people have any autonomy or freedom. They want complete control of them so they will be slaves and servants and not ask questions of the leaders or their policies. Countries all over this world are full of people, yearning to have their autonomy but they never will, as long as they have a brutal dictator governing them.

People in countries without dictators can also lose their autonomy. If they become too complacent and don’t keep track of who’s in power, or what they stand for. An uninformed society that doesn’t care about their autonomy will not be a free society, for very long. The leaders won’t be called dictators, but they will control every aspect of life because the people become complacent and didn’t care about it. One day at a time, keeps scrolling into years, it’s all so subtle people don’t even realize they have lost their autonomy.

Thousands of years ago, people were living in caves. You can bet your last dollar that the biggest guy in the cave who had the biggest club ruled that area. No one challenged him after the first person got hit over the head with that big club.

All people down deep want their autonomy, their freedom. They don’t want to be ruled or governed by anyone who would take that right away from them. Freedom comes at a terribly high cost for all people, it always has and always will. For those who can smile and say, ” Let Freedom Ring.” They are the fortunate ones!


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