Fried Pan

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The Daily Post
Jul 2, 2016
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I have been doing a slow burn about our society’s attitude toward elderly people. The people who own apartments for seniors and the government must have gotten together to plot against senior citizens. They’ve come up with new rules that outlaw gas cooking stoves in rental apartments. They evidently have come to the conclusion, the number of seniors who will forget the gas on, outnumbers those who will use it in a safe and proper manner. If they leave an electric burner on with no pan on it and get a third degree burn on their arms or hands that was probably never considered.

My wife and I have been married for 46 years and I don’t recall a frying pan or a kettle ever being burned on the stove. Oh my, what a coincidence! We always cooked with gas and did quite well all those years. We never left a burner or had an explosion where we ended up in our for backyard trying to figure out how we got there. We were quite capable and safe with our gas kitchen range.

All of that has finally changed, after moving into an apartment building. Everything is all electric. It’s all just great, except for the kitchen stove and the electric bill which causes a rapid rise in my blood pressure. I just have to allow for the bill to cool for a few days, the pressure will come back down. We have been living in this apartment now for three years. I have lost track of how many fry pans have been burned, or how many pans with no stick bottom are completely shot. We spend far more on frying pans and kettles now than we do groceries. Our neighbor lady had a contest with us, “Who burns the first pan each week.” She was ninety but didn’t win more often.

I never was fond of anything over cooked but now it just gets instantly blackened. The setting best be low to start with when you start to cook something. With gas you just turned the fire down and your heat went down immediately. If you set the electric control lower, it just keeps on cooking for awhile. The smoke keeps billowing up, the air is blue, smoke alarms bring the neighbors running. If you don’t do something soon, firefighters will be in the room with you. The smoke alarms don’t have batteries like most homes, for safety the alarms are wired into the electrical system. You have to find your way through the smoke and find the right circuit breaker to shut off the alarm.

With a little care, we certainly do not have to have burned food in her stomachs. I have a wee bit of acid reflux every time I look at that electric stove. I don’t think it’s healthy to hold hard feelings against anyone but I continue to have a hard feelings against an electric stove and the word burn. It is hard to keep the faith. I keep watching for a sign but none ever comes.


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