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The location was Kåfjord a village in Alta Municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The date was in the 1860’s. The three Hoel brothers Eston, Simon, and Ole began to contemplate a voyage. There was copper mining being done in their part of Norway, they no doubt heard of the copper mining that was booming in the state of Michigan across the ocean in America. This prompted the three young men to sign up for that long voyage crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

1. Ingeborg married Ole Estensen Hoel.  Ole Estensen, son of Eston Simonsen (yngre) (Holen) and Ingri Embredsdatter Husum (Hoelen), was born in 1816.

Children of Ingeborg and Ole Estensen Hoel

i. 2. Esten Hoel was born in 1840 and died in 1911 in Rocky Mountain House Alberta Canada.
ii. 3. Ole Hoel was born in 1845 in Kaafjoord Norway and died in 1925 in Rocky Mountain House Alberta, Canada.
iii. 4. Ingebrigt Hoel was born in 1847 and died on an unknown date.
iv. 5. Simon Hoel was born in 1844 in Kaafjord Norway and died in 1914 in Brookings County, South Dakota.
v. 6. Oline Hoel was born in 1849 and died on an unknown date.
vi. 7. Anna S. Hoel was born in 1854 and died on an unknown date.
vii. 8. Rebeka Hoel was born in 1863 and died on an unknown date.
viii. 9. Inger J. Hoel was born in 1852 and died on an unknown date.

You can see by the size of the family, five sisters stayed behind. The brothers were all married and had young children at that time. It took a lot of courage to pack up their young families and move them to a new land. They knew it was not going to be a pleasure cruise.  Unlike the Titanic, the big steamship they were taking was not built for anything but moving people and cargo. They all settled at Calumet Michigan and worked the copper mines there. Eston was married to Marie Kaisa Antillian, they had 10 children. Simon was married to Christina Lindolahti, they had four children. Ole married Johanna Bakken, they had three children, she died in Norway, during the Atlantic crossing or in  Michigan. No record was ever found.

The three brothers steamship voyage was not undertaken so they could spend the rest of their lives working in the copper mines. They worked hard and saved their money so they could fulfill their dream of moving West to the fertile farmland of the Dakotas. Simon had only daughters, so Ole’s son Andrew stayed with Simon’s family and helped him farm.

Eston and Ole continued their search for paradise.  After a few years in the Dakotas, they went north. Working hard for the rest of their lives clearing and farming land on the foothills of the Majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. After that steamship voyage, they traveled by railroad, ox cart and horses and wagons. It was many years before the first vehicles were being used.

My wife has always been after me to go on a voyage not so much a voyage as a cruise. She has always been fascinated with the idea of going on an ocean cruise, on one of those fancy luxury ships. I told her Dream on dear, “The close as we are going to get to having a cruise is if we pack a lunch in a brown grocery bag and take it down to the lake.” “I will rent a rowboat and we can cruise around the lake awhile.” We could try to make a romantic cruise out of it!


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