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We are living in a time when you have to search long and hard for a natural product. There are very few natural products on the market, most food that is sold is full of additives. Increased vitamins to make you healthier, according to the advertising on the package. Additives to preserve freshness and prolong the shelf life of the product. As more and more additives are going into products daily. It is impossible for the average person to begin to comprehend all of the different things being placed into their food.

The FDA Food and Drug Administration in Washington was created for this purpose. They supposedly have a control system over the different additives that are going into food items. They are all supposed to be cleared through the FDA. Most stores will have a area in the store where they sell what they call natural or organic fruits, vegetables, meat, and so on. You have to pay a very high premium price if you elect to feed your family organic foods. Their claim is to be natural. Is there a watch dog? I don’t think so.

Planet Earth as it gets older is actually having more natural disasters. We are having more earthquakes of higher magnitudes all over the globe. Some of these earthquakes have been traced to a new mining technology to get natural gas out of the earth. It is called fracking, water and chemicals are pumped deep into the Earth’s causing huge pressures which fracture the earth deep inside. That releases the natural gas. I don’t believe anyone has ever found out what those chemicals are and what the effect they have on natural drinking water. Fracturing is a lower cost way to release this natural gas so that it can be pumped out and used all over the globe.

“Though the composition of most fracking chemicals remains protected from disclosure through various “trade secret” exemptions under state or federal law, scientists analyzing fracked fluid have identified volatile organic  compounds  (VOCs) such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene – all of which pose significant”

Natural disasters in the form of tornadoes, severe hail, thunderstorms with high winds damaging property are almost a daily events on some part of the globe. The climate continues to change as is evident in the polar ice melts, sea water temperatures changing. Weather patterns have become unpredictable. Governments worldwide drag their feet on finding a solution that might help cut back on natural disasters.

Natural air is fresh air, it was taken for granted for hundreds of years now, there are metropolitan areas contaminated with so much pollution people have canned air or have oxygen stations were they can stop and breathe some fresh air and then continue on about their daily business. The air pollution continues to get worse and circles the globe 24/7 while continually dropping particles of pollution around the whole world.

Naturally speaking. One of the few original natural things left on this earth might be natural childbirth. It brings joy into the lives of millions of people. Naturally speaking is a speech recognition software program. It was conceived to bring  joy into millions of lives also. It turns your natural talk into text and can make any computer work faster by using your voice commands.


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