A Pirates Parrot




“You never do anything halfway….”

A Pirates Parrot

I just love to hear the stories about my ancestors, the word around the Oasis Sanctuary is all about my great uncle Paul the pirates parrot. He loved the sea but loved sharpening his power full bill more. He always knew that huge bill would get him in trouble.

It was recently learned they were at sea for so many months Great Uncle Paul, the Blue-cheeked Amazon chewed up most of the ships rigging. Then he gnawed the Pirate’s wooden leg in half. He was far too old and tough for the ships chef to cook at age 71.

The ornery, one eyed, toothless old pirate got so mad he made Uncle Paul walk the plank, while saying “You never do anything halfway.” This time your going to Davy Jones’s Locker, all the way to the bottom with that little anchor tied around your neck!

As feisty old Paul stepped off the plank. He loosed the anchor from round his neck.  Flying off toward the nearest land. His huge bill was overflowing with the most colorful words in his vocabulary, all directed at his old shipmate Pete who was muttering the same words.


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