The Clothing Struggle



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The Clothing Struggle

If you ever watch the news you can’t help butt notice the camera man always has the camera focused, sharply, in close on people’s posterior’s as they walk the sidewalks all over this nation. You would think there would be much better things to broadcast on the news than people’s overweight conditions. Overweight or not, people seem to want to wear skin tight jeans. I have to say, many of them fill their jeans very nicely and look very shapely regardless of the brand. But there are a select group of people who have far too much body for the jeans they are struggling into and sporting around town.

This makes me think that possibly the biggest struggle in America outside of the war against terrorism has to be the struggle of people pulling up and squirming into their jeans every morning. You  have to know while they are still struggling to get their jeans on, their minds can’t wait to get back home to take them off again, which no doubt is also a struggle in reverse. This story about jeans takes me back to a tight fitting clothes incident about 36 years ago.

A friend of mine named Sherwin Linton launched his career in the music business in the mid – 1950’s as a disc jockey and live performer of Rock-A-Billy music on radio station KWAT in Watertown, South Dakota. He returns to entertain the folks in his old hometown whenever he gets a chance. He loves to perform and has one of the best shows in country music.

My wife and I went to see him at a local club in Watertown in the early 1980s. During a break Sherwin, Pam and Patty joined us at our table. He introduced the sisters to us, they were two beautiful young ladies, wearing skin tight leather outfits. We visited awhile about when we were caddies at the golf course and as kids growing up around the railroad tracks in Watertown South Dakota. His dad was a railroad man, they lived right by the tracks.

Sherwin suddenly said, “Leland, why don’t you come on the road with us?” What? I was stunned, I know absolutely nothing about music! Then he says,”the girls have an awful time struggling into these outfits, I thought maybe you could help them get dressed.” My mouth was no doubt hanging open, eyes bulging out as I looked at the girls. One look at my wife told me my musical road tour had just ended. Everyone had a good laugh. Sherwin is a great joker and story teller. He later married Pam.

We did have a nice visit. I just happened to run across this URL about “Sherwin Linton and the Cotton Kings.” I thought I would share it with everyone. I am very proud to know Sherwin Linton and share his story and his web address with everyone.

“We have a terrific band of “Cotton Kings.” My wife Pam has been with my show for 36 years, since 1980 when she and her sister Patti, aka Brittany joined me while they were still in their teens. Pam and I were married August 15, 1988.”

“Cotton Kings”


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