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Modern day city living and country living are two opposing lifestyles, yet they seem to need each other and draw on each other like magnets. The people living in the city anxiously await a fun, relaxing weekend in the country. After working 9 to 5 all week they love to see the city grow smaller in their rear view mirror. The folks living the quiet, peaceful life in the country love to take a trip into the city for entertainment and shopping. They wave to their city cousins heading outbound as they head toward the bustling city. The city people and the country people, both seem to be quite content, the laissez-faire capitalism.

City sites and lights have always had a strong influence on the boys who grew up in the country. The young country boys first trips to the city find them very surprised, maybe shocked by all of the action that is going on in the city. They never saw dancing girls or saloons, or bars and nightclubs as in modern days. There was a country music song called Country Bumpkin years ago. The woman starts singing about the slow cow poke. “How on earth did that Country Bumpkin find his way to town?” “Hows the frost out on the pumpkin?” By the end of the song she marries the Country Bumpkin and they have their own little Bumpkin. A funny yet sad song as she dies at the end.
Wild west cow towns were not , cultivated, cultured, cosmopolitan European Cities.

The First and Second World Wars found millions of country boys going off to war.There was a popular song during and after the First World War “How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree?)” The city of Paris became home to many of these young soldiers when they were not out on the battlefield. They were probably more soldiers using Paris for rest and recuperation than any other city in Europe. That is no doubt why it got that reputation about the boys never wanting to go back to that farm life after they saw Paris. They stayed in Paris and many other European cities. Many soldiers brought wives home to all parts of the world. Every large city in Europe during wartime did their part in serving the cause for peace and helping bring an early end to the war.

The city is where the jobs are at, if a person wants to work at a decent paying job. He will no doubt have to move to a city somewhere. This is what people do, work and live in the city until retirement age. After retirement, most of them cannot get back to a small town or rural living fast enough.The cost of living in most cities nowadays takes a huge bite of the pay check. It seems odd that no matter what the final cost of living is, the average income is not enough..

“How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree?)” is a World War I song that rose to popularity after the war had ended. The lyrics highlight concern that American soldiers from rural environments would not want to return to farm life after experiencing the European city life and culture of Paris during World War I.


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