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The U.S. Open Golf Tournament is now being played at the Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. It will finish today 06/19/2016. The only golf tournament that could possibly rival the U.S. Open was played not long ago. That was the Masters Golf Tournament held at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia.

The following description is something that typically happens at the U.S. Open Golf Tournament to long ball hitters. The drive lands about 10 feet from the hole. Then it rolls back 30 yards onto the fairway. You hit it again to about the same range, and that rolls back. So on the third time hitting the green it stays on the green. You make a bogey. This is typical of play on a U.S. Open course, the professionals are tested to the maximum on every shot on every hole.

Dustin Johnson is the winner of the 2016 U.S. Open.

When I was still playing golf quite well. It was over in Japan in the Commanders Cup Golf Tournament. I drove a green on a hole that was 340 yards long. Then I walked up and proceeded to make three putts on that hole. Being a long ball hitter and driving the green doesn’t always have a whole lot to do with a good score, being entered on your score card. Golf is a great game. I envy anyone with the ability to be able to get out and play golf. It is one game, where you are truly challenging your self to produce your best each time you play..


2 thoughts on “U.S. Open Golf 2016

  1. Congratulations, Lee, on your good drive in golf in Japan. Did you get any pics of that time? Grandson, Dylan and I watched most of the golf game this aft and of course Dylan’s favorite was Dustin Johnson. Dylan is a counselor in an adult group home in Mankato ,but was pleased with being assigned two autistic boys, age 8, to counsel also in after school hours. Dylan is getting his Master’s degree in Sports Management and Business, so knows much about sports. I was happy that his “man” won today. Nancy, Dylan and I had delicious brunch at a local reataurant . Then they took me home and did a few jobs here in my apt. I am so glad to have them close by–only 35 miles away. Of course Dylan being most of the time at college , his time with me is limited. Nancy’s husband, Paul, had a gig for a personal Father’s day performance. Paul plays a fantastic quitar and sings and does not read any music. His gift is amazing…He comes from a musical family, 5 boys that all play instruments and 2 twin sisters that play violins. I love having him in our family. He grew up in the Iron range country(Eveleth, Mn) by a lake so all in the family were competitive swimmers and hockey players. His Uncle John Mayasich played on the US Hockey team that won over Russia some years ago in the Olympics. I enjoy your stories–or Mixed Blogs. Keep them coming. Arlyce


    • Good to hear from you that all is going well, it’s great that you have Nancy and Paul close by. We also have a great-grandson named Dylan. I don’t understand this world. The young man had everything going his way, raised in a good home etc. when he went off to college. Everything went bad, he got in some type of a cult, I’m not sure what all, he is back at home now. Hopefully prayer will get his head back on straight. This crazy world! Try to do your best and the devil will put a monkey wrench in the works.

      We went to church today. It shocked everyone. People don’t understand how hard it is for us to just get dressed. Then get oxygen and everything loaded in the car. I enjoyed church today and seeing everyone who is still there. Lots of different people, but still no growth?. Clarice Logan is still going great. My blogging must be the best-kept secret in the area. I don’t think anyone in church knows I’m doing this blogging on the Internet. That’s probably just as well.

      I was very fortunate when I was stationed in Japan. I was one of the better golfers in our squadron and I was the only enlisted man playing on the squadron golf team the rest were all pilots. If they had a tournament with some other base that they wanted to make more winable, they had me put my toolbox away and go play golf. That duty was just fine in my books! I didn’t watch much of the tournament. Today I watched toward the tail and that’s a beautiful location over there to. Going to shut down my computer early for the night and try to get some rest. My CPAP machine continues to drive me bonkers and have been using one ever since the year 2000. I’ve tried every mask and every machine on the market, but they are designed to drive you over the edge. Keep in touch, stay well. God Bless, Love, Lee and Rose
      Those Iron Range kids invented hockey.


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