Overestimating Understanding


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Overestimating Understanding

Most families have always had an unwritten understanding that certain things are expected to be done by each family member as long as they are all living under the same roof. Having an understanding of the basic ground rules and laws of an individual family is not complicated rocket science. It is the super glue that bonds families together though. Laws are all pretty much set up in a similar basis for city, state and federal rules and regulations. People are expected to live by the laws of the land for their own good and for the sake and well-being of all citizens.

In our modern society, families can live by all the rule books, following all the right rules. The parents leading the way when it comes to raising their children as a strong, viable, family unit. They can all go along very nice and smooth until the oldest child is ready to leave the nest and go out into the world, for more schooling or start working on a job. If you look up the word understanding in the dictionary one definition is “a willingness to understand others behavior and to forgive them.” I now have the understanding that young people today are very sharp, at learning the exact literal meaning of words. I believe they take this as meaning, ‘we will be forgiven no matter what we do. It is a free pass to use drugs, etc..’

I know of two families where their eldest children, did exactly as this post on understanding describes it. Each one of these families went above and beyond their obligations of raising the children right. Their children were guided by the best rule books available, everyone was doing great as a family unit. When the eldest child from each of these families left the nest to go work or to start school. They both became complete strangers to the family. Their actions were totally opposite to everything they learned while they were all living under the same roof as a family unit and still respecting one another.

Those two young, healthy, well cared for people went their own different ways but seemed connected. They both had the same demon leading them with a leash around their necks. They seemed to lose control over their self will. Each one had their conscious stolen from them. A person doesn’t just walk off and leave his conscience that discerns good and bad at home with his family. By the actions of these two people, they projected the idea there was no conscience residing in them any longer. They became capable of doing anything that they chose. This brings me back to that meaning, “a willingness to understand people’s behavior and forgive them.” They must feel guaranteed that no matter what they say or do everyone else in the family will forgive them for their actions.We would have to call this complete, unabridged understanding, as usual the Devil is in the details


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