Window Box Gardening

In this first picture our cat Princess is sitting on the window sill watching the birds that are feeding from sun up to sun down. We have Yellow Finches, Red House Finches, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Hummingbirds a fairly large assortment of different bird’s as they migrate through this area.


We lived in the country until three years ago, where I had several large gardens, growing everything you can imagine. We had to move into our little apartment in town and I’ve tried to learn what gardening is about in planter boxes. The pictures below show what it looks like out in front of our living room window.


I took a picture here showing the bird feeders and my planters.


I have green beans planted in two planters on each end of the long box which has four tomato plants in it.



I plant green onions between the tomatoes and also between the green beans and I rotate planting green onions throughout the summer. We use them in stir fries and also salads.


I have two planters with summer squash planted in them, zucchini in one and yellow straight necks  in the other. Hopefully we’ll get a few squash from them. They are very hard to grow in pots as they dry out far too rapidly and cause the plants to go into stress. The temperature today here is almost 90° and the humidity is probably close to 90%. June 17, 2016 Typical summer day in the making, and it’s not even summer yet. We will no doubt have severe thunderstorms tonight after this weather change blows through. Last summer we enjoyed having sliced tomatoes from our little window box almost daily, if nothing bad happens we will have the “home grown” tomatoes again that we love so much.


Our neighbor plants strictly flowers. They are always very nice but I think more about planting edible things.







2 thoughts on “Window Box Gardening

  1. Leland, I am thrilled you are being able to keep your love for gardening even in your apartment. I love watching the birds coming and going from our feeders. We also have a parakeet inside the house which is a wonderful experience. He is only in his cage at night, so during the day he is riding shoulders, taking showers in the sink, and speaking some words and making beautiful music with his singing. Have fun!!


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