Smooth Colleen



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Smooth Colleen

Colleen was a beautiful young Irish lass, newly arrived in New York City with her family and other Irish immigrants.Their passage went smoothly on the steamship crossing the Atlantic. Their plans were to stay in New York City and work until they could accumulate enough money to go to Calumet Michigan where they had other relatives. Many had already immigrated to Michigan where rich farmland was waiting for people to come and live. They would find nothing easy or smooth about pioneer life. It was a constant combination of hard work and hardship.

Colleen was very fortunate she landed a job in a fancy restaurant, near Wall Street and the many brokerage companies. She had the most beautiful body with smooth skin, her auburn hair and green eyes flashed at the young men.The young brokerage workers enjoyed coming to lunch there, as they enjoyed the food. They feasted their eyes on pretty young Colleen and her firm breasts, smooth stomach, and her long legs.

She fell in love with a young man named Brian and they started to date each other, to the bitter disappointment of all of the other young men who were having their lunches at that establishment. They made plans for a smooth good life together, not wanting for anything planning to marry in a year. Brian was moving into a big office where he would be capable of making large amounts of money.

The stock market crash of 1929 caught the investors of this world and all of the Wall Street workers by surprise. Many lost fortunes instantly. Colleen was not enough for Brian. After the stock market crash, he took a walk by himself into eternity, off the roof of his office building. Poor Colleen was devastated and heartbroken. She had no idea what she could do now, her life plans for a smooth life of luxury had been destroyed. She knew they could have had a good life but her young banker husband wanted more. She decided she would go to West to Michigan and find some of her other relatives that had already settled there. She was hoping a new environment would help her get over the loss of her beloved Brian.

Colleen took the train to Calumet Michigan where she was met by an elderly uncle and aunt who never had any children of their own. She was going to live with them and be their housekeeper, also earning a small salary. Colleen learned to make homemade bread, she kneaded the dough until it was smooth and like elastic, she smoothed the sheets until there was never a wrinkle on a bed. She ironed and made everyone’s clothes smooth, no wrinkled shirts, pants or dresses walked out of that house. Colleen worked hard and diligently doing her job.

One day her aunt said to her, “Colleen your a beautiful young lady.” “Why don’t you go to the dances, meet yourself a handsome young man working at the Copper Mine, start raising your own family?” Colleen confided in her that she had had a true love at one time but that he had walked out on her. Her aunt was stunned, shocked., I cannot believe that anyone would ever walk out on you for any reason. Something very bad must have happened, Colleen’s mother later told her.They didn’t talk about it again. Colleen continued to happily be their housekeeper and seemed to be very happy with her smooth life, all the old wrinkles were left in the past.aahttps://wordpress.comlghoelson

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