My Writing Origin Story




My true origin.


My Writing Origin Story

My father was a very outspoken critic of politicians and also religious leaders. He had an uncle with a similar personality, who was confined to a wheelchair. A rickety, uncomfortable looking old wooden wheelchair. I know this is where my father got a lot of his ideas from. His uncle Ole was constantly writing letters to the editor of magazines and newspapers. He read everything he could get his hands on, if he read something that he disagreed with, the editor of that paper or magazine got a letter from him within a few days. This was in the years long before computers were even thought of, postage stamps were a penny. I can imagine what his life would have been like with access to a computer. It would have been like mine today, surprise and awe!

My father, on the other hand, didn’t waste time with pen and paper writing to editors with his critical opinions. Anyone who came to his house got information directly from my dad’s very loud and colorful voice. A very dedicated Lutheran preacher visited him regularly, I could never understand quite why he would put himself through such verbal crucifixions. I came to the conclusion he never got to the Mission Field and the headhunters of New Guinea, visiting my dad made up for it. My father used language that was more foul with more cussing in front of the preacher than he normally did. His language, to say the least, was pretty much constant cussing. He told me many times he did that to put an emphasis on the subject that he was speaking about. He never got a computer but he broadcast his views over the CB Radio for a few years. I thank God they had a very limited broadcasting distance.

I am supposed to be writing an origin story and I thought I would write something about the origin of my very amateur writing style and also write about my blogging days, which started a couple years ago. I also at one time thoroughly enjoyed sharing my opinion with editors of magazines and newspapers. This also was before the computer came onto the scene. I think it is the greatest writing tool man has ever had. I don’t claim to have any special training as far as writing ability and telling a story through the written word. I do enjoy sharing my life experiences on my blog site that I named My Mixed Blog. I believe I named it that for one reason, it is a potpourri of personal and public Ponderings about many different subjects.

I hope to expand my writing abilities and make some attempts at writing flash fiction and possibly short stories. I don’t seem to be a very good planner for my future goals. That is probably partly due to my age, I am now 75 years old. I’m not investing any money in treasury bonds or anything like that. I’m not even ordering many prescription drugs at one time anymore to keep on hand. As we enter into this last chapter of life, our minds start to operate on a different plain.

I try to write with the idea that I’m going to be doing this for several more years. Lately I seem to feel haste, an urgency to write more, thinking this might come to an end very abruptly and I will not be doing any more blogging. I believe blogging is probably one of the greatest things to bring people together on a global scale. There should be many good things start to happen as bloggers instantly share their ideas, their lives, loves, their ambitions and their future goals with people all over the globe. This might be the answer to having a peacefull World some day.

This should shine a little light on my writing origin. I welcome everyone to visit My Mixed Blog. Thank you in advance for visiting.


13 thoughts on “My Writing Origin Story

  1. ” I came to the conclusion he never got to the Mission Field and the head hunters of New Guinea, visiting my dad made up for it. ” Ha! Just got this far into your essay and had to comment. So far it is my favorite of everything you’ve written. Okay… Now back to the essay! Love that line, though, and had to get it down before I forgot it. You have reached your stride in this one, Leland.


  2. It is very definitely an origin story… I just would have liked for you to bring it back to a comparison between you and your dad at the very end. I hope you write more about your dad and the rest of your family. This is where you shine, Leland!!!


  3. I can still hear my Dad’s loud and colorful voice in my head. It’s something I will always remember along with his piano playing. There are things from our childhood that will pop up in memory, good or bad, that reminds us to be better and do better! The smell of cut wood is always a welcome reminder of his hobby.
    I hope that blogs keeps us learning along with those of us who are shy in person to explore the world without fear. I share things on my blog that I wouldn’t share with stranger’s in my life. Blogs also help start a new hobby and who doesn’t enjoy that!
    You bring up a good point, how will your followers know that you have passed?


    • You are so right. I find I’m sharing a lot more things than I ever dreamed I would share about myself or my family. But I do believe blogging can become a great thing to bring our ever shrinking world closer together. Closer together caring about others is what this world needs a lot more of. Thanks for visiting, blessings to you and yours.


  4. And thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good for you,Lee. The envelope should be in your mail box tomorrow. Any questions, write and ask. Hope that you have a good time reading the Finnish words—it is a precious remembrance of the olden days. Arlyce


    • You are right about that. I just changed my theme to make it easier for people with newer handheld devices to be able to read it, before on the small screens, it was hard. I think people didn’t bother to read the blog because you had to scroll your page back and forth. Blogging seems to have been develop more for the computer screen than all of the small handheld things that are coming on the market.

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  5. O my Leland, my Leland? You mind my calling you ‘My’? But really? You are my very especial brother! I do enjoy reading your tall tales. It refreshes my days. Thanks for being my Net friend. Check the post for today. I dedicate it to you, my friend. 🙂


  6. Leland? You must be replying to somebody else. I was not talking about 7 brothers or 7 churches was I? And the post I read here was about your ancestral family and your writing origin and I truly enjoyed it. Maybe I am missing something?:-)


      • It was just one verse I quote to illustrate the ‘angel’ thing about me. I thought it was really funny. That’s OK Leland. No need for Bible scholars. There is enough of them. I am not one of them. I only quote what applies to my moments that Father brings to mind.


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