Orderly Lives



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Orderly Lives

When I looked at the DAILY PROMPT word orderly the following words come to mind, arranged or organized in a logical or regular way, peaceful or well-behaved. How many people live orderly lives? Orderly lives don’t happen by accident. They require plenty of thought and planning. A structured system for doing daily tasks. If we try to do everything in a willy-nilly fashion our lives become frustrated, full of confusion, disorganized, searching for missing items, and just plain chaos.

There is no perfect family that has been found yet, unless it may have been Ozzie and Harriet. In one of the early television shows, or possibly the Walton’s. Almost all families are going to have difficulties from time to time, no matter how orderly their live are. There is always a monkey wrench someone will throw in to the gears that run every orderly family machine. One or more of the members will have to taste alcohol. They will probably end up with a curfew problem from staying out too late, maybe a wrecked car or two.

Then the biggest monkey wrench hits the gears, along with a bag of rocks and broken glass. One or two of the kids will use drugs. At this point, the well oiled gears of that orderly family machine will all come to a screeching halt for a while. Hopefully it is just weeks or months, but possibly it will be years before that person comes around to realization. In the worst-case scenario they will go all the way to their funeral at age 50 or 52 without ever getting that final wake-up call to come back to living an orderly life. Undertakers are going to have to undergo new training on how to work with young dead bodies, instead of just old weezers and old women.

There was a time in this world when man thought he could have an orderly life because his wife should obey all of the orders he gave to her. This was pretty good thinking on his part but not the practical way to an orderly life. He may have brought out the Bible to wave in his wife face, saying to her. “God, commands you to obey me.” Shortly after that, he gets hit over the head with a frying pan, but that’s a different story. There are 10 Bible reasons why a wife must submit to her husband regardless of culture: I believe every one of these reasons have been taken and used out of context since they were first written.

There was a time in American history when a woman’s rights were looked upon much differently, even by the courts. If the husband chose to beat his wife. The judge might look at it as maybe she didn’t obey or submit to him. My dad served three days for breaking mom’s jaw in 1948. A lot of changes have finally been made in the area of women’s rights, they were abused and misused for decades. Women still have very few rights in many parts of the world, goats and sheep may even be valued more than women in some areas of the world. If the woman didn’t live in an orderly fashion. She might be stoned to death in the city square, as a lesson to others who might fail to submit. We should be thankful, women’s rights in this country have finally improved.

Orderly lives might be partly genetic. Sometimes you’ll see a little kid putting his toys back in the toy box in an orderly fashion. I must admit that is a very rare sight. This shows us orderly lives have to be worked at on a daily basis by each member of the family. If there ever will be order in a household. It has to be a family project. Each one doing his part at keeping things orderly. Each one may have a different task to do. The point behind the whole process is to live in an orderly household with everything in its place. The main benefits of living in an orderly household, peace of mind, and that partnership feeling. Each one is doing his part to make the lives of the others the best they know how.

We all want to make it through life without even one monkey wrench hitting the guts of the family. An orderly family life is certainly no guarantees, but it looks like the best thing we got going for us.


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