Blank is Blank



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The daily prompt word for today is blank. The bank might wonder how WordPress came up with the word blank. Must be for the check blank! I’ve been trying to think of what to write and I keep coming up blank. I went out and had lunch, came back, still came up blank. I started thinking about the check blank. Then it also came to my mind, if I write something on a check blank it surely will bounce and cost me extra money. So a blank check isn’t any good either.

That’s when I started thinking, what is really on my account? There is very little because the bank refuses to give me any interest in the money that I save. If the banker loans my money to someone else. He charges them a considerable amount of interest, for his service of loaning my money out to them. I doubt very seriously if the banker ever had a blank check that he didn’t know what to do with.

My wife has no fear of blank checks, at the beginning of the month, faithful bookkeeper that she is. She proceeds to start writing checks posthaste, gets all the bills quickly paid. She often needs extra pens, loves it! If I happen to write a check somewhere and forget to have it recorded in the checkbook. The stuff hits the fan! I committed the unpardonable sin. The quiz process starts out, “What cost $21.37?” I have absolutely no Idea.” ‘I don’t think I did It?’ “Yes you did!” After several hours it was determined I was really the culprit after all. I stopped at the local store, unloaded my walker, staggered in, got milk, bread and maybe a candy bar.

While that takes care of my blank checking account I still have a problem trying to figure out why I have a blank space in the writing part of my brain. Where the story ideas are supposed to flow crystal clear, like pure, bubbling mountain streams. Ideas worthy of the High Sierras, covered with pure, wind-driven, white snow. There is just a mysterious black hole! It Is just blank. Nothing pouring, dripping or even seeping out. Blank brain cells are very troublesome, even harder to work with. That must be why I have gone off here on a really crazy, wild tangent, and keep writing down nothing but blank information, of blank interest.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t born back in the days of the wild, wild West. I never would’ve made it to high noon with all the blanks I draw.


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