Pitch Fork





Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Hay was all pitched with a fork at one time. Emily Post spent a lifetime teaching people the proper fork to use. There was a fork in the road but no signs. Fork over the dough. Only thing the robber knew.

We are all very fortunate to be living in the space age era, enjopying the fruits of the electronic revolution. A time unprecedented in the history of man, electronic technology is making life simpler and easier for millions of people. There is one slight problem with some electronics technology. Electronic games that are produced for every age group, can control people in time. There are games for every age group, from toddlers on up through college and no doubt even into graduate school.

Some young people become addicted to playing these games. They just decide to take it easy, to drop out of school and play games day and night. No time for school or work.Their living at home, mom and dad will feed them and provide shelter, they should have a fairly good life. That life may come under scrutiny, when a certain age is reached. Most moms and dads will feel that little Billy should be out on his own, especially when he reaches child rearing age.

A long time ago, before the electronic revolution young people decided it was best to stay in school and get an education, having a basic education could get you started in this world. Find a job where you had the chance to work your way up to be the president. Even the President of the United States, if you’re will could take you there. For someone with no education life was rather hard, little chance to get out of poverty. Your life was limited to doing manual labor, using your back, your arms and legs everyday, all day loading or unloading freight, lifting packing house beef etc..

There was also another form of employment. That brings me to the daily prompt word fork.. The were many barns to be cleaned in the pre-electronic revolution days. There were many cattle, horses, hogs, chickens, turkeys and zoo animals pooping in their cages and stalls. Someone with pitch fork training was needed to pitch all that manure and haul it away. I doubt if hanging a picture of a pitchfork on the schoolhouse door would do any good today, as far as keeping attendance up. There was a time in history when a pitchfork had special meaning for those who didn’t go to school.

There is an old saying, “be happy in your work.”There were people who took pride in being able to use a pitch fork properly. Some had pride in the ability to stand in the manure like a robot pitching forkful after forkful all day long. It was hard, honest work. Someone had to do it! So I guess we should tip our hats to all of the professional pitchfork operators that have walked where we didn’t have to walk

What goes around always comes around. Those people making trillions of dollars selling electronic games, might well have stables filled with polo ponies or race horses in the years to come. That will create pitchfork jobs for those people who spent there lives playing all of the electronic games they could get their hands on.


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