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Apologies are powerful, transformative experiences.

If you hurt a person in some way and you know that you did wrong, go to that person and apologize, get the job done. Do not carry around a load of regret. Your stomach will eat a hole in your gizzard and you’ll be suffering from acid reflux every day. In your heart, you know if you did that person wrong and you are the only one that knows if you truly owe him an apology. If the other person is just messing with your head, trying to do a blame game on you, I wouldn’t lose much sleep over it. If you do truly realize that you wronged that person and you don’t take care of it by apologizing. You will carry that around until it really messes with your head big time and messes with your health, you could become sick over it, which makes absolutely no sense. Do the quick apology and it is over!

Human nature seems to be against admitting wrong doing. That is possibly why it is so difficult for people to apologize when they do something wrong. That apology gerts hidden away on some back shelf in the minds forget it closet, just don’t think about it. That doesn’t work well though. If you truly did wrong that overdue apology is going to come popping its head up to the surface every now and then. It will keep on bugging you, until you take care of business and get the apology over with. If the person doesn’t except it, thats his problem, you did your part.

Politicians seem to hold all of the awards in the world for getting around making apologies. They refuse to apologize for any of their past mistakes that hurt the Nation. They are so full of themselves they just know they have to be right. That is possibly why they are politicians.They are so sure they can do no wrong, they must be the only people capable of leading others without apology.

If you have little children, I believe it’s a good idea to teach them to apologize to their friends and to their parents and other siblings when they do something wrong to the other person. Teaching a child to admit that he was wrong in doing something is possibly one of the best ways to make him a stronger citizen when he grows up. Teaching honesty is always the best policy, would help making an apology a lot easier to do.


2 thoughts on “Apology in Person

  1. Very nicely you explained the human nature and why do we hesitate to apologize for our wrong doings. It’s very true. Nice post on this challenge.


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