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May 23, 2016
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We have a great-grandson graduating from the Dwight D Eisenhower high school in Michigan on June 17. Eisenhower High School is a public high school located in the Metropolitan Detroit area in the suburb of Shelby Township. It is consistently ranked the top performing high school in Utica Community Schools, and Macomb County.
He became active in the martial arts when he was in grade school. Karate and tae kwon do were his favorites. He was in track and field, excelling in the pole vault and he ran in cross country and was also active in gymnastics. He is a very busy, intelligent young man. He was into aerospace robotics and went to national competition. His plan is to attend an aerospace engineering school in the Detroit area.
His graduating class motto. “Don’t let your dreams, just be dreams, just do it!” That graduating class sounds like a very proactive group of young people, ready to go out and become the new leaders in this country. They will pioneer many fields that we haven’t even heard of yet. The technological age is going to come to full bloom with this young, intelligent generation getting ready to take the reins and steer the country on the right course.

I thought their class motto would be fitting for today’s daily prompt which is dream.My great-grandson isn’t blood related, that makes no difference, I could still get carried away here bragging about him. I better write something about dreams though.

Did you ever notice after you talk to someone on the phone or maybe meet them on the street or just think about them. They will pop up in your dreams. In the dream there is usually nothing related to what you were talking about, or where you saw the person. It ends up being a mixture of other things and times and places, as a rule dreams go this way. Some people have a gift of remembering what they dreamed about, this is very good in many cases, unless it might be a very scary dream that would make it different for sure.

I feel very fortunate to remember much from my dreams, at least I think I remember them. You try to piece them back later, the puzzle gets to be more complicated because some of the different parts just don’t go together. You may have had someone in your dream from your childhood, that person may have been dead for many years. They still can be in your dream just as real as if they were standing there as a vision, looking down at you while you’re dreaming.

Sleep doctors claim we go into a state of sleep called REM sleep, which stands for rapid eye movement. That is when we are doing most of our dreaming, shortly before we wake up as a rule,. That is probably why these dreams seem to be easier to recall. Some can be put together in to a picture that can be explained to someone. As we get older, we have a tendency to wake up early and then just lie in bed and slip back off into dream land again. This might be to get back to a dream that we were having and hope it can be continued into part two for instance.

There were old stories told about being careful what you eat before you go to bed because this may affect your sleep and you’re dreaming. I think it would be whole lot more sense to say be careful what you watch on television before you go to bed for the night. All of the bloody, gruesome, gory details and views of body parts scattered all over the place could very easily affect a person’s dreams. Studies have been made on whether or not television shows cause violence in viewers later on in their lives. Those TV shows may not be the cause, but they certainly sow the seeds into the mind of a person who is receptive or capable of that kind of violence.

Sweet dreams to all.


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