A Living Sacrifice




May 7, 2016
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I thought I would make an attempt to write about sacrifice, then I wondered where to start, and said to myself, “Self, you might as well start at the beginning.’

If you read the Bible or believe in the Bible. I believe it starts out, in the beginning God created the earth and all the creatures on it. Man went through many hundreds of years trying to get along and having a poor time doing it. The main problem was his sinful ways, they could not change their ways by themselves. So God sent his one and only son into the virgin body of a woman named Mary. She was to give birth to the son of God, his name was Jesus. His life was to be sacrificed as a lamb on the altar. He was to be sacrificed, creating a way for all the sins of man, to be forgiven. God allowed his one and only son to be sacrificed on the cross, for the salvation of man.

The supreme sacrifice in this world is to give your life to save the lives of others. Millions of military people have made that sacrifice through out the hundreds of years of wars. Knowingly giving up your life for others is the only supreme sacrifice man can make. We honor their bravery and sacrifice.

From the time we are young children, until we are old people with white hair. We should all know and understand what the word sacrifice stands for. We will get lost in this world if we don’t know. Our minds can handle the question. What have my sacrifices been? You might feel you have sacrificed for your children so they can have something to eat and a place to live. You might feel you have sacrificed part of your income by giving it to a church or a synagogue or other religious institution.

Your mailbox has a constant flow of charities looking for donations for those who are dying of illness or disease. Hopefully they can give them assistance and research funds to look for cures for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS and many others. When you consider all the chances that you are given daily to make a sacrifice. Ask yourself have I given enough? Or ask yourself the question is there ever enough to give? I will close my story on sacrifice with the Bible. Somewhere it says, it is always better to give than to receive.


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