Scars of Humanity



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Scars on the people
Millions of men and women have returned from war zones and battles with horrible scars, many missing limbs. Arms and legs damaged so badly they had to be amputated. Very few of these military members have any desire to talk about their scars. They would rather not relive the horrible memories of the battlefield and the suffering that they did for their country and for the freedom of other people around the world. Scars of grief from lost loved ones last a life time.

People have gone through a multitude of operations and surgeries throughout their lives. They may have a whole catalog of scars that they can present to you, some with pride, as some surgeries and scars saved their lives. Personal appearance, facial looks or vanity have become very popular in the past decades. After these type of surgeries the patient’s hopefully will have no scars that you can see. People feel they need to have surgery on their nose or on their eyes even their breasts, whatever it might be to enhance a person’s looks.

Millions of perfectly healthy people today use unknown drugs in their bodies. They just want to get high, some do it with alcohol. There are drugs like opium as old as time but today there are synthetic drugs, the user has no idea where they were manufactured. For some unknown reason, perfectly healthy people use these drugs to just get high. Not having a thought about the drug injection scars on their arms, scars on the brain might leave them like a potted geranium. Life should be a lot more prescious than that! To offer your body as a test animal for drug dealers to become billionaires, leaves scars on all involved. The user, the family and the country are permanently scared.

The children in today’s fast-paced world have scars, some many scars. They can’t be seen because the scars are in their minds and in their hearts from child abuse. It is a shameful thing that children are abused sexually, mentally and physically by adults who are supposed to be the caretakers or family members. God commands people to love their children, nourish and watch them grow, to flourish in the world. Instead, many of these children with emotional scars are afraid to even speak. Many become reclusive, others rebellious, later in life they might also become child abusers from what they had encountered as children.

Scars on the planet.
We are leaving our planet completely riddled with scars, the longer we continue to live on it the worse it gets. We have polluted almost all of the water that was drinkable with chemicals. Natural gas drilling companies now use a new process called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking that is contaminating deep underground water sources. Most water has to be processed to make it safe for human consumption. We have dumped chemical waste into our lakes and rivers. Nuclear waste went out out to the ocean in 55 gallon drums, out of site out of mind!

Most experts agree that we are losing upwards of 80,000 acres of tropical rain forest daily, and significantly degrading another 80,000 acres every day on top of that 

You may not be able to eat the fish from inland waters. If you can eat them, you are limited to how much, so you don’t get mercury poisoning, or some other chemical. We’ve contaminated some of the most pristine waters of the world with oil spills from supertankers running aground on the rocks and spilling their heavy crude oil all over the water.Pesticide sprays that are used on crops have almost destroyed the bee population. This will cause a worldwide disruption in natures pollination of many plants, trees and flowers. The little honeybee is very important to the survival of this planet also. We must start looking ahead to other generations, also residing here.

We haven’t had enough contamination here on earth, so we continue to destroy the ozone layer. That can create global warming, causing all of the oceans to rise dramatically, flooding the coastal properties and covering small islands. There will soon be a new shipping lane near the arctic circle from the melt of the icecaps at the North Pole, countries will be vying for shipping rights in that new shipping lane.

Scars on the food.
Our food supply at one time was mostly local and organically grown with natural fertilizers and little or no weed killers or pesticides.Today a picture of our food supply could be a lab instead of a farm field. Man-made chemicals are in about all food products we consume. Plant seeds are being genetically altered, to create super plants to grow in extra poor conditions and increase production levels.

A consumer bill named COOL has been languishing for years in Washington DC. The bill calls for country of origin labeling. People started demanding to know where food products they eat were actually coming from. The powers that be in the food industry have fought it every inch of the way, they do not want people to know where their food is originating from, or the conditions that it was produced in.

Possibly one of the worst food laws ever proposed was to use radiation to kill bacteria in our meat and poultry. Instead of cleaning up the processing plants to keep deadly diseases from getting into the meat and poultry, in their wisdom they decided people are better off if the bacteria is killed with radiation.

The people have scars, animals and food have scars, the planet is covered with man made scars. We have a very poor track record taking care of ourselves or this good earth.

There is some irony in the fact about all of the fossil fuels that we are burning today. Those fossil fuels were formed the last time life ended on the planet. What goes around in this universe comes around again It seems.

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