Solitude For The Soul



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Solitude might come from the loss of a loved one or something that we may seek out as individuals. It might be a way to avoid others or to be all alone to meditate. Solitude and loneliness might get along just fine side-by-side in some people. Loneliness, as a rule, isn’t something that individuals seek. The human being wasn’t meant to be lonely, It was meant to have a mate or other siblings, and at least parents.

There was a time in this modern-day civilization when large families, all got together on holidays, for birthdays and other special occasions. During that era, we had enough common sense to leave grudges and hard feelings at the door. Better yet, just left the garbage at your home instead of bringing it with you. Many families have completely stopped having large get-together for that reason, people cannot get along with each other, even for a short dinner or other get together. They always come bringing with them hard feelings grudges and a non-forgiving attitude. They seem to want to spread this among everyone present and share their unhappiness with all the others in the home.

In our so-called “advanced” culture today many people choose a life of solitude instead of exposing their feelings and hearts and minds to this type of abuse. They simply stay home and stay away from the rest of their family . Many people can adjust well to a life of solitude because they are happy with themselves and with their life.

There are also chemical imbalances in the body that may cause a person to want to stay away from crowds and other people so they live a life of solitude. We must try to seek happiness and find happiness in all circumstances, when that is possible. We cannot change the actions of other people who are too shortsighted to see they are causing disruption and unhappiness among others. They represent the new, “it’s my way or the highway segment of today’s population.”

If you find yourself in total solitude use it for a growing time, enrich your mind, conscience and your body. All growing together, in a way that you can only do in a time of complete solitude. There are no distractions to take you away from your goals. You can use this as a time of the most powerful growing ever done in your life. There are no boundaries to hold you back. No limits to what you can do. Find true peace and blessings in your solitude.

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