Crossroads Detour



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Every living person has at least one sure destination and that is death. There will be many different crossroads that everyone will come to during their lives. It is of little matter which death road we take, it will end at that final destination.

Life is full of many crossroads. We have almost daily decisions to make on which road to take. The main objective on which road to take is a decision made in your mind, which is right and which is wrong. Don’t ever let somebody else make it for you. If you have a feeling that it is wrong. You certainly do not want to take that road. There will be crossroads where you have a question. Is this something with a destination that will be pleasing to me? Ask yourself if you are trying to please someone else, before yourself. Make sure of your choice before you start down that road. You have to have peace within yourself and in your own mind, or you will not be happy with either of the roads.

Without crossroads there would not be life, it would be just existing through time, no destination, no choices to make. Crossroads were put in front of people so they could learn to make decisions, strive to better themselves, feel fulfilled and to find true happiness in knowing they did the right thing.

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