Disappointment is Inevitable



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“Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest. Similar to regret, it differs in that a person feeling regret focuses primarily on the personal choices that contributed to a poor outcome, while a person feeling disappointment focuses on the outcome itself.[1] It is a source of psychological stress.[2] The study of disappointment—its causes, impact, and the degree to which individual decisions are motivated by a desire to avoid it—is a focus in the field of decision analysis,[1][3] as disappointment is one of two primary emotions involved in decision making.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappointment

As we go about living our daily lives. We are all going to run across, disappointments from time to time. We cannot allow disappointments to take control of our lives and cause us to live with stress and other health issues. I wish I would have done this different. I wish I would have done something better. That is all hindsight. What has been done is done. If it created temporary disappointment let it become history and press on with your life. There will no doubt be other disappointments. That is why, when we plan life goals, or plan daily goals. We should not set our sites so high that we are going to create disappointments in our future. Each new day will come with some disappointments of its own, not caused by our actions. They are only disappointments to us if we allow them to be.

It reminds me of a story about two bulls standing on a hilltop. The valley below was full of heifers. While the two bulls were grazing on the grass upon their lofty vantage point, they had an incredible view everything in their domain. The young bull became very disappointed with the old bull. He told the old bull, “Let’s run down there and breed one of those young heifers.” The old bull kept on slowly, one bite at a time, eating his grass as if he were taunting the young bull. He finally turned to the young bull and said, “why don’t we just walk down there and breed all of those young heifers.” The young bull no longer felt disappointment as he walked side-by-side down the hill with the old bull. The young bulls mood changed from disappointment to glee, as he strolled over to the first heifer he encountered and introduced himself.

Disappointments will come and go. The hard part is not to let them control our daily Lives.


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