All Locked Up



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Our great nation, the United States was founded on Christian principles. Somewhere in the past we must have lost our way. Today everything has to be locked up. We should not have to lock our property away from our neighbors to keep it from being stolen. Many people today live in gated communities, they lock themselves into their little private community with their own security to protect themselves and their possessions. When the honest person feels they have to lock themselves away to feel safe. It paints a very poor picture of what our nation stands for today and what kind of citizens we are made up of.

Everything is locked, many doors have multiple locks and deadbolts to keep intruders from breaking in. We have evidently locked away our love, one for another. We cannot love our fellow man and want to harm him, or steal his possessions. We all are locked into our own lives and lifestyles. Those locks and lifestyles are all changeable!

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