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There was a time in this great land when the only people who had a closet were living in mansions or large homes that had been established for 100 years or more. Many of the pioneers who came to this land and made it prosper had no closet. The ones who came as farmers and miners had no need for a closet. They owned one maybe two sets of clothing, you could hang that on a nail in the back of your bedroom door. If your bedroom and a door on it, many had only a curtain for the door. We’ve come a long way baby, as far as closets go.

Many people today have a closet large enough to drive their sports car into and park by the shoe department. They can pick out what shoes go with the color of the sports car for that day. This should be a sign of great prosperity to have closets so huge. Large enough closets to rent out spare rooms in many countries, where real estate is sold by the square inch.

Most people had an aunt who was a closet drinker. No body in this world would ever dream that she allowed an alcoholic beverage to touch her lips. “Lips that touch wine will never touch mine.” I can’t imagine living a secret life where others had no idea you drank. You didn’t have a drinking problem, just felt like drinking alone, right? Can’t get much more alone than being in a closet.

People in the past felt like they were forced to keep their sexuality locked in the closet also. This is certainly something that he or she did not want anyone in this world to find out about. The discriminating world has made some progress to this point. As human beings sharing love for all, even those who have a sexual preference different than their own. The world has started to welcome them as equal individual. We live in a land of so called freedom, this certainly shows the ability for all to be free and feel equal at all times.

Daniel was cast into, or closeted in the lions’ den, the lions did not touch him. His life was spared by the hand of God. The king then had those who had conspired against Daniel thrown to the lions. Might be good policy not to conspire against others.

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