Breath Deep




Apr 17, 2016
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Breath Deep

As humans, we have been given the privilege to breathe. Our senses of smell are nothing like other creatures, they all have a much better sense of smell than we do. If you have ever been in a tall Pine Forest high in the mountains and you have smelled all the different evergreen trees You breathed a treat for your lungs. You can see for miles, there is nothing to beat that experience, as you breathe in thin, mountain air, no contamination in it.

Another of my most favorite times is to go outdoors in the spring. Shortly after a warm spring rain. Everything is coming to life. You have the smell of many different blossoming trees and flowers. The sites of all of the different colored blossoms still wet from the rain are something for the memory bank. Just to sit and breathe that fresh air is a treat for the body and soul, mainly for the lungs.

“Unconsciously, breathing is controlled by specialized centers in the brain stem, which automatically regulates the rate and depth of breathing depending on the body’s needs at any time. When carbon dioxide levels increase in the blood, it reacts with the water in the blood, producing carbonic acid. Lactic acid produced by fermentation during exercise also lowers pH. The drop in the blood’s pH stimulates chemoreceptors in the carotid and aortic bodies as well as those inside the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata. Chemoreceptors send more nerve impulses to the respiration center in the medulla oblongata and pons in the brain. These, in turn, send nerve impulses through the phrenic and thoracic nerves to the diaphragm. That is the magic of breathing unconsciously.” Breathing

If we spend many years of our lives contaminating our lungs, with different industrial chemicals, dust, or cigarette smoke. We will take away the ability of our lungs to unconsciously breathe. The message will still go to the diaphragm from the brain but proper breathing will not take place in many instances.

The person needing air may have to have assistance from oxygen tanks or a concentrator. Many people end up needing oxygen 24/7, as they get older because their lungs are no longer able to work on their own. When the lungs are pretty well shot, in their last stages of life. The individual will no doubt need a ventilator to stay alive. It is so sad, such a waste, a lot easier to take care of the lungs when they were healthy and in working order. Life is for the living, in the fast lane for most people.

Who wants to think about tomorrow, and what might be? That last breath will come, one way or another!

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