Easy Street


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There is a frantic search going on in this world by millions of people. They are searching for a place to live that is called “Easy Street.” This might be compared to searching for the fountain of youth. It is human nature to think if you’re living on Easy Street you will not have a care in this world. You might stay young and happy for the rest of your life, no matter how long that is.

After most people have lived on Easy Street awhile. They start to realize they are having health problems. They are taking anti acid pills by the handfuls. Developing high blood pressure and overweight problems. Then comes the diabetes from eating a poor diet, eating only rich foods clogs the arteries creating a very unhealthy heart and body.

I believe anyone who wants to start out life searching for Easy Street should weigh the pros and cons. Unless you win a lottery prize or rich uncle Joe left you a small fortune. The sad truth is there might not be any Easy Street for you. Get yourself a lot of education and do hard work. I guess the right way to Easy Street take the easy part out of the search. Be happy. Have a nice day, be healthy, be your self first.


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7 thoughts on “Easy Street

  1. Leland? You got a point there. Even so? No education or hard work can avail anyone to overcome the worldly life that we are now programmed to live. There is only ONE WAY–QUIT TRYING! START TRUSTING the only ONE that can set one free from the pitiful life we are doomed to live!
    The power of love from on high is the only way out of our miseries. 🙂


  2. Not one who ever lived on easy street, I do believe with youth we take our health for granted and as we get older it is definitely a “harder road” when health issues crop up! Nice post.


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