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Handwriting is really a form of art. Much pride was taken in a person’s ability to have good handwriting as far back as words have been recorded. Those who wrote on the first scrolls or parchment paper took special pride in their handwriting. It was taught to those who first started going to school, as children they continued to develop and improve their handwriting until it looked like a fine work of art. They wrote letters to their friends or loved ones. The words made their own music.

I have seen the handwriting of some people over 90 years old and their hand was still steady. Their lifetime of writing beautiful penmanship continued to be part of their personality, as long as they lived. The whole world will be at a loss if handwriting is discontinued in the school systems. It will be so easy in our computer age, to drift away from handwriting. Talking into a a computer and having that machine do the writing is much to easy. If the computers all crash we will be helpless.

I am a good example of hurry up handwriting, after it cools off for half an hour. I can’t even read my own writing. Handwriting is something we should spend more time on. Time is one commodity that we don’t seem to have enough in our hurry up society. Even with all of our electronic aids for daily living. We should be proud to spend more time with handwriting. I’m afraid we will not do that.

There’s an old saying, ‘The handwriting is on the wall” that might mean our handwriting tells a lot about our character. Many people love to show off their handwriting by doing graffiti on rocks, trees, railroad cars, the sides of buildings. Even the sides of a cliff high in the mountains. People want to leave their handwriting somewhere, restroom walls is not yet a Nobel Prize category. Share your handwriting ability with the blogging world.


4 thoughts on “Handwriting

  1. I’m like you – my handwriting is rushed and not that readable. But I love printing – so I’ll call that “handprinting.” I write cards and notes that way. Of course, the keyboard allows me to zoom with my thoughts when writing, but it is no substitute for my drawn letters when writing lyrics. Great post!


  2. It really is a lost art. I spent hours upon hours practicing each letter until I got it just so. Our Constitution and Declaration are in script. It will be sad if the next generation cannot read them anymore because they can’t read script.


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