Refresh My Memory

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There is a new magic, memory pill on the market. It will help you restore your lost or fading memory. It is being called the memory, miracle drug break through of all time.

I took one these pills and waited the required thirty minutes, then I asked myself, “what did I have for dinner and when did I have it?” The answer came right back to me, “You had fried chicken for dinner at 6:30 PM.”
Man this is great I thought, so I asked myself, “What did I have for breakfast and when.” You had oatmeal at 8:30 AM.

Again I thought to myself, this is amazing. It actually works on my memory. My memory responded, “You have oatmeal every morning.” Okay memory, What did I have for breakfast two weeks ago and at what time?” My memory responded, “You had oatmeal with prunes mixed in it at 8:00 AM.”

Good grief, “Has it been that long?” “Can you remind me to have prunes in my oatmeal tomorrow morning?” The reply was, “Sorry, I can’t remind you to do something, but I can help you remember things you forgot.” If you forget your prunes tomorrow I can remind you the next day.Tomorrow will be yesterday then, “I could help at that time.” You should refresh your memory more, one pill a day will help you in situations like this.

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