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Our voice start shortly after we are born into this world. Being born in the back of a taxi cab enables that lucky cab driver and your mother to be the first people in this world to hear your voice. If your birth happens on a elevator stuck between floors., there might be several witnesses to hear your first voice message. The best place to use your first voice would be in the hospital delivery room. The doctor will spank your bottom to get your motor running, he wants to hear a strong, healthy voice. You just got your first spanking and you weren’t even doing anything wrong! This will happen more as you get older, you will be quite sure you didn’t deserve some of those spankings. They belonged to your brother.

We don’t have to be very many days old before we can learn to use a crying voice very well, when we want something. Communication through a crying voice is really all we have to start with, you have to use a crying voice to get what you need. If your hungry or you have a messy diaper there are different cries for help, that your voice can use. A mothers love can soon distinguish which voice is requesting what service.

Everybody in the family tries to get you to say your first words, they all want to take part in training you on how to use your voice to say proper words. The first lesson is always, say “daddy if dad is holding you,”or say, “mommy if your mom is holding you.” They both want you to say one or the other first. This may cause you to develop a stutter, after many hours of practice. You quickly learn you can get a lot of attention by telling them what they want to hear. Like talking to a homicide detective. Learning to use your voice in many different ways is your goal, until you have complete control over one or both parents.

By the time you start approaching the age of two. All the family members are asking themselves, “Is that kid ever going to shut up, or what? That tiny little voice just keeps going on and on and on and on.


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