Not Concealed


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The day is rapidly approaching In this world. Absolutely nothing will be able to be concealed. Everything will have an identity chip embedded into it. All animals and people will have their own little identity chip that can be read by anyone with a reader. At the present time, the reader has to be fairly close to the chip or the object the chip is embedded in. That we do know will certainly change as technology moves forward at warp speed. The ruler will be able to read anyone’s identity chip from any distance in the future.

Nanotechnology combined with computer technology will have computers running faster and doing more things than we dreamed possible even ten years ago. That will look like horse and buggy days.There appears to be absolutely no limits with nanotechnology. We may as well kick back and relax, it will be a wild ride.

We might think that big brother is about to take over and control our lives from one huge electronic control panel and there won’t be anything we can do about it. We will happily go along with the program that is in progress because the government will make survival very closely connected to those identity chips. If a person doesn’t have the right identity chip implanted he will no doubt be banished from civilization and sent to a deserted place. No person or object will be able to be concealed from the rulers.

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