Easy Scratch Recipes Week 14


Pickled Fish. ‘Numero Uno’

1. Cut 3 pounds of fish into bite-sized pieces.

2. Brine mixture –
1/2 gallon water, 1 cup pickling salt, soak fish for two days in brine, until it turns white.

3. Rinse in cold water.

4. Quickly put fish in jars layered with sliced onions, cover with the following mixture.

5. 2 cups vinegar, 2 and 1/2 cups water, 1 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon pickling spice.
‘Heat on stove until sugar dissolves.’ Fill jars 3/4 full. Refrigerate overnight, ready to eat.

Crossroads Detour



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Every living person has at least one sure destination and that is death. There will be many different crossroads that everyone will come to during their lives. It is of little matter which death road we take, it will end at that final destination.

Life is full of many crossroads. We have almost daily decisions to make on which road to take. The main objective on which road to take is a decision made in your mind, which is right and which is wrong. Don’t ever let somebody else make it for you. If you have a feeling that it is wrong. You certainly do not want to take that road. There will be crossroads where you have a question. Is this something with a destination that will be pleasing to me? Ask yourself if you are trying to please someone else, before yourself. Make sure of your choice before you start down that road. You have to have peace within yourself and in your own mind, or you will not be happy with either of the roads.

Without crossroads there would not be life, it would be just existing through time, no destination, no choices to make. Crossroads were put in front of people so they could learn to make decisions, strive to better themselves, feel fulfilled and to find true happiness in knowing they did the right thing.


Disappointment is Inevitable



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“Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest. Similar to regret, it differs in that a person feeling regret focuses primarily on the personal choices that contributed to a poor outcome, while a person feeling disappointment focuses on the outcome itself.[1] It is a source of psychological stress.[2] The study of disappointment—its causes, impact, and the degree to which individual decisions are motivated by a desire to avoid it—is a focus in the field of decision analysis,[1][3] as disappointment is one of two primary emotions involved in decision making.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappointment

As we go about living our daily lives. We are all going to run across, disappointments from time to time. We cannot allow disappointments to take control of our lives and cause us to live with stress and other health issues. I wish I would have done this different. I wish I would have done something better. That is all hindsight. What has been done is done. If it created temporary disappointment let it become history and press on with your life. There will no doubt be other disappointments. That is why, when we plan life goals, or plan daily goals. We should not set our sites so high that we are going to create disappointments in our future. Each new day will come with some disappointments of its own, not caused by our actions. They are only disappointments to us if we allow them to be.

It reminds me of a story about two bulls standing on a hilltop. The valley below was full of heifers. While the two bulls were grazing on the grass upon their lofty vantage point, they had an incredible view everything in their domain. The young bull became very disappointed with the old bull. He told the old bull, “Let’s run down there and breed one of those young heifers.” The old bull kept on slowly, one bite at a time, eating his grass as if he were taunting the young bull. He finally turned to the young bull and said, “why don’t we just walk down there and breed all of those young heifers.” The young bull no longer felt disappointment as he walked side-by-side down the hill with the old bull. The young bulls mood changed from disappointment to glee, as he strolled over to the first heifer he encountered and introduced himself.

Disappointments will come and go. The hard part is not to let them control our daily Lives.


All Locked Up



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Our great nation, the United States was founded on Christian principles. Somewhere in the past we must have lost our way. Today everything has to be locked up. We should not have to lock our property away from our neighbors to keep it from being stolen. Many people today live in gated communities, they lock themselves into their little private community with their own security to protect themselves and their possessions. When the honest person feels they have to lock themselves away to feel safe. It paints a very poor picture of what our nation stands for today and what kind of citizens we are made up of.

Everything is locked, many doors have multiple locks and deadbolts to keep intruders from breaking in. We have evidently locked away our love, one for another. We cannot love our fellow man and want to harm him, or steal his possessions. We all are locked into our own lives and lifestyles. Those locks and lifestyles are all changeable!


Fog + Fishing





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Back in the 1960’s. My cousin and I did a lot of ice fishing. We had a homemade fish shack mounted on two wheels and an axle underneath the shack. We pulled it to whatever lake. We felt like fishing at. This one time we had the shack set up about a mile off the north shore. It was a very mild winter, no snow just clear ice. The temperatures had been warm most of the winter so there was open water out in the middle of the lake. About 2 miles from where we had our shack set up. Where we were fishing there was a couple feet of ice. The fish were biting pretty good, we fished most of the evening, it was probably getting close to midnight. We decide to go home with the fish that we had to clean.

When we came out of the fish shack. The fog was so thick you could not see the pickup parked a few feet away. What we should have done has stayed right in the fish shack because we had a heater inside to keep warm with. My cousin was determined that we would go home because he knew the direction to where we came on the lake at. I tried to tell him when we set the shack up the side with the window and door on was facing south, so we should drive the opposite direction. He kept trying to tell me we should start driving in the other direction.

He started out driving south and I knew we were going the wrong direction. If we continued going straight south we would end up driving into the open water before very long. I kept telling him, keep turning more to the left, more to the left. I knew we had to change our course more toward the left from where we were at, so we would end up on the east side of the lake. Not at the bottom!

We finally came to shore, it was along a deserted stretch of beach on the east side. There were no homes or cabins or any roads to get off the lake there. I told him, we will have to just follow the shoreline back to the north side, then go west until we come to our road to get back off the lake. All of this time, the fog was so thick you could not see anything, we proceeded to follow the shoreline around the edge of the lake and we finally came to the road where we had driven onto the ice at.

What a relief. I wasn’t that crazy about ice fishing, but ice fishing with open water on the lake was about all I needed to cure me of future fishing trips. If we had not kept turning more toward the left, we no doubt would have driven right out into the open water. We covered about four miles of clear ice in about an hour. That must do wonders for cleaning out the heart valves! Every time the ice creaked under the pickup, my butt bit another hole in that old seat cover!

That ice fishing was back in the days before GPS locators and all the fancy equipment that fishermen have nowadays. My internal compass was working, I was thankful for that. Fog will get a person completely disoriented, you have absolutely no idea what direction you are going. You may be able to tell what is up and what is it down, but South, East, North and West.


Life=Fake or Genuine


Apr 19, 2016
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There was a time in this nation’s past when people talked a lot about living in the Real World. Living in the real world must not have been easy. Almost everything was earned the hard way, by the sweat your brow and hard work. That time was probably around 70 years ago. We have evolved to a point here in 2016 where the real world has become the fake world. It is so much easier and so much more fun to live in a fake world than the real world.

In the real world, people bought items that they needed for daily life. They bought it because they needed it, they paid cash for it, and they owned the item. Today most things are bought on credit, it doesn’t make any difference whether or not the item is needed, or it was just something that caught their eye, in a advertisement. The problem is in this fake world. You don’t own that item until you get all of the interest paid from the time you purchased it. If you do as the credit card company would love to have you do, just make a minimum payment, you never will truly own your items. All of your income will be going for things that you purchased years ago, they will never be all paid for with that type of a payment system.

In our fake world today super markets and big-box stores are full of food items that are advertised as very nutritious and good for your body. The trouble is in the fake world, there is even fake cheese. Unlimited man-made, laboratory, artificial chemical foods, and additives that are mixed together for drinking, eating, snacking or whatever the case might be. You can still get real butter, but there are dozens of artificial, bet you can’t tell it’s not butter, butters.

There is still real milk, it comes from cows who are confined to life in a large building with thousands of other cows from the time they are old enough to produce milk. They will see green grass possibly and the outdoors. when they can no longer produce enough milk and are being hauled away. There is a fake milk for people are lactose intolerant.There are still eggs that come from real chickens, they resemble eggs, the yolks are always a sickly yellow. Poor chickens never see a kernal of corn. Laying hens never see or touch anything but the wire cage they lay the eggs in. If you can’t tolerate real eggs, there are fake egg substitutes.

Many of the cereal grains today have had universities doing genetic research on the seeds for years. Some of our grains are genetically altered, they are not the same grains we used to get back in the real-world. They are not necessarily fake grains, just genetically altered grain. Your Wheaties, Cheerios, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, and good old Oatmeal are still our breakfast cereals, genetic alteration or not, we eat our cereal, just as it comes.

At one time a pork chop tasted like a pork chop. In the fake world today many of the hogs fed for slaughtering and butchering are raised in confined quarters. They might see the light of day if a door gets left open, but will never dig in the good earth with their little piggy snouts. Beef for your best steaks is also raised in confinement for fastest weight gain. There is still the loss of muscle from the animals living an inactive life. That lack of muscle reacts the same way in hogs or beef, the meat doesn’t taste the same without that muscle that they used to develop living in the real world. It is not fake meat, just altered meat to satisfying the demands or needs of our fake world today.


Easy Scratch Recipes Week 13


Pickled Fish.

1 qt. vinegar           1/2 c. canning salt
2 1/4 c. sugar         4 Tbl. pickling spice
2 large onions

Mix vinegar, sugar, salt and sliced onions. Put spices in cheesecloth and tie. Put all in a gallon jar. Cut up Northern Pike or other small fish in about 1 x 2 inch pieces. Add to other ingredients in jar, mix well. Let stand in refrigerator for 14 days. Always use jars or crocks. Use this recipe with others smaller size fish also, the best part, you can eat them bones and all after their pickled. A lot less expensive than the pickled herring you buy in the market during the holiday season.

Breath Deep




Apr 17, 2016
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Breath Deep

As humans, we have been given the privilege to breathe. Our senses of smell are nothing like other creatures, they all have a much better sense of smell than we do. If you have ever been in a tall Pine Forest high in the mountains and you have smelled all the different evergreen trees You breathed a treat for your lungs. You can see for miles, there is nothing to beat that experience, as you breathe in thin, mountain air, no contamination in it.

Another of my most favorite times is to go outdoors in the spring. Shortly after a warm spring rain. Everything is coming to life. You have the smell of many different blossoming trees and flowers. The sites of all of the different colored blossoms still wet from the rain are something for the memory bank. Just to sit and breathe that fresh air is a treat for the body and soul, mainly for the lungs.

“Unconsciously, breathing is controlled by specialized centers in the brain stem, which automatically regulates the rate and depth of breathing depending on the body’s needs at any time. When carbon dioxide levels increase in the blood, it reacts with the water in the blood, producing carbonic acid. Lactic acid produced by fermentation during exercise also lowers pH. The drop in the blood’s pH stimulates chemoreceptors in the carotid and aortic bodies as well as those inside the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata. Chemoreceptors send more nerve impulses to the respiration center in the medulla oblongata and pons in the brain. These, in turn, send nerve impulses through the phrenic and thoracic nerves to the diaphragm. That is the magic of breathing unconsciously.” Breathing

If we spend many years of our lives contaminating our lungs, with different industrial chemicals, dust, or cigarette smoke. We will take away the ability of our lungs to unconsciously breathe. The message will still go to the diaphragm from the brain but proper breathing will not take place in many instances.

The person needing air may have to have assistance from oxygen tanks or a concentrator. Many people end up needing oxygen 24/7, as they get older because their lungs are no longer able to work on their own. When the lungs are pretty well shot, in their last stages of life. The individual will no doubt need a ventilator to stay alive. It is so sad, such a waste, a lot easier to take care of the lungs when they were healthy and in working order. Life is for the living, in the fast lane for most people.

Who wants to think about tomorrow, and what might be? That last breath will come, one way or another!