Eternity Travel Limited

High hard road Easy low road

High hard road
Easy low road

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Eternity Travel Limited

Life is a fleeting thing, we are only here on this earth for a very short time and then we are gone for an eternity. If you believe in returning to earth in a different form or as a different creature, the eternity question has been solved for you.

If you’re considering eternal life at another destination, it is best to have your travel plans made in advance. There is an old saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I don’t know if that means it is filling with people faster but probably not if it is a bottomless fiery pit. It doesn’t sound like hell will ever be filled, there will always be places for new residents to warm up to.

The flip side is Heaven, it has always had favorable advertising on the streets of gold and all. You never hear of overcrowding, even on weekends. It sounds like a very good place to spend eternity. You go with the hope of seeing many of your old friends there. I have never read anywhere about heaven turning people away. Everyone in the world is welcomed with open arms if they truly want to go there. There isn’t much chance it will get overbooked but an early decision might be prudent.

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