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The hardest fight of your life might very well be for life itself. Many babies are born

Fight with a disease, their fight starts the day they are born. Babies and youngsters seem to have a stronger will to fight for that life that is so precious. The nursing staff and parents marvel at the strength and endurance of those little bodies and what they can go through. They have a super, strong determination, a will to fight for that life that is waiting for them to be lived to the fullest.

People who consider themselves healthy can have the fight to maintain their lives on a daily basis. If you want to have a healthy body and life you have to eat balanced meals, you must exercise, you need your sleep, these are actually everyday things that people must do to maintain their life. Sometimes it becomes a fight to acquire all of the things needed even to maintain a healthy body. The fight to exercise regularly is often lost without a struggle.

In our modern society, millions of people are hurt in accidents. After many accidents, the victims must learn what it is to fight for life, hang on to that gift of life that we all love. We all want to maintain our lives as long as we can. Disease will knock a person down almost to the point of death. If the will is where you fight on, press on and get that life back to where you want to have it. Fighting for life requires hard work, “no pain, no gain.” Physical therapy becomes an everyday routine after the body has been damaged.

As our bodies age and we get into what they call the Golden Years, the fight goes into extra rounds usually. We are much more open to organ and body part failures. We may need knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder replacements or cornea replacements. In many cases heart valves, bypass surgeries, anything to keep that blood moving at a regular flow through that precious organ we call the heart. That is sometimes the hardest fight, the biggest battle of all time, coming back to life after heart surgery. It requires suffering much pain, undergoing rigorous physical exercise to regain strength, and a strong will to get that life back.

Many of us get older and we become prone to Alzheimer’s. It wants to rob the mind of enjoying the body that is probably still very healthy. It creates barriers, a wall of confusion between the victim and the world. It is the cause of one of the largest, no win fights of our life or existence. Victims don’t sometimes even recognize those who live near and are dear to them. It creeps up slowly, we can’t understand what has happened, or where the confusion comes from. You can’t fight Alzheimer’s, you just have to live with it, hang on to life at all costs.

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