Prehistoric Objects

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Prehistoric Objects
My brother spent a lifetime collecting prehistoric objects. I was beginning to think He and I were becoming prehistoric objects the way we aged in the past few years. He had a quadruple by-pass operation done close to two months ago. I appealed to all of you for prayer at that time. He was doing well and expecting to go home in about a week. Yesterday March 8, 2016, he had been walking, felt he should sit down and there his life ended at about 3:00 PM. I thank all of you for your prayers and concerns.

In the early 1940’s my brother, Harlan Olson was the object my undivided attention. He was born on December 17, 1939. I was born on December 1,1940. As I said, “he had my attention in those early years”. I looked to him as my Davie Crocket, a guide to what we could do and that we could not do on the farm where we lived. He was very good at showing me early on, what was off limits, we respected off limits areas. We obeyed dad’s laws because he believed strongly that if you spare the rod you will spoil the child. I must say, we were not spoiled and we certinly did not have any problems with attention disorder. Dad had our full attention 24/7/365. If we knew we had crossed the line one look from our dad sent us looking for our running shoes. We soon found out that didn’t work because we had to go home for supper sooner or later.

The good old high school years, my brother Harlan managed to have the best grades in his whole class. Somehow I managed to come up with C-‘s and D+’s.I just did not seem to enjoy learning from books as much as he did. Shop and drawing I got A’s, shocked the teacher. I believe Harlan read every book he got his hands on.

At good old Castlewood, High School he pole vaulted, high jumped and ran the mile run. I played football and made a free wll offering of my front teeth early in the first season. Also ran the half mile run and anchored the medley relay team. His legs were about a foot longer than mine! We were about even on the golf course.

When he graduated from high school he joined the Marine Corps I was very proud of my patriotic big brother. Enlisting in the Marine Corps showed me he had an oversupply of guts. I could not begin to top that, so I quit High School and joined the U.S. Air Force where I could sleep in a barracks with a roof over my head. Sleeping in a tent just did not appeal to me.

Brothers should not be objects of competition in life, unless it is sharing their love for one another.

My family greatly appreciated all the love and support given to us during dad’s medical problems. Please continue to pray for our family as we prepare to say our final good byes to dad soon. I take comfort in that his health problems are gone and he’s walking with god now, looking for arrowheads no doubt. Thought I’d share the video, linked below, for those have never seen it. It meant a lot to dad when they made it. Love, Brian

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  1. Lee, they may come as good but they don’t come any better than you and Harlan. The stories you and Harlan have shared with us are epic! I still laugh at the story about your “brief music careers”. Would love for you to post about it in your blog, if you haven’t. I too hope joyful memories of your days together can dry the tears in the days ahead.


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