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The connection is a very simple yet powerful word, from puppy love connections to high-pressure gas line connections.

If you have the right connection in Washington DC you might have a ticket to prosperity, probably want to hang on to that.

If you’re a plumber who didn’t bring the right connection for somebody’s problem, your day is off to a very bad start.

An oil well connection broke off on an offshore well in the Gulf of Mexico. The cost of that broken connection is unknown.

If a couple doesn’t have a good physical and mental connection with each other, they will find their lives get cross threaded.

Whenever I tried to water my garden the connection on my garden hose leaked and water ran down my leg.

There once was a time in history when a traveler could actually make an airline connection.

We had to make our Internet connection over the telephone line at one time. Sneaker networks were born.

The only thing slower than a dial-up connection was a network, it was faster to walk a message to the next office.

A connection of concern for many is the trip to eternity, having the right ticket in your possession is important.

Train connections in Japan are very serious, pushers cram the people in, while slamming the doors on their rear ends.

I rode a Tokyo subway alone one time, somehow I made the right connection, got off in the part of the city I was looking for.

The Space Shuttle hauls supplies out to the Space Station that must require a very good, tight, docking connection.

Jet planes refuel in flight, they just fly their probe into a connection box hanging out of the tanker plane. Hummingbird style.

Pioneer telephone operators had an antique switchboard, designed for a ‘NUMBER PLEASE’ connection.

The connection we make with other people when we are young will continue to shape our lives as we get older.

Would you sever the connection to your political party over one candidate?

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