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Longing for Gravity
by Ben Huberman
You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?

(Thank you for the wonderful prompt suggestion, K. Renae P.!)

I love my beautiful blue planet Earth, there is no way I would be on a mission to Mars. There could be one possible exception I would be on a mission to Mars. If it had become impossible to live on earth and and everyone had to leave the blue planet and go to Mars.

What I would miss is the four seasons that I have on the part of the globe where I now reside. I love my four seasons and everything about them. The freshness of springtime is unsurpassed by anything in this universe, new life is flourishing, the air is fresh and pure, you get a surge of energy as you step out doors into the sunshine.

I would miss the most is quiet walks in the woods to watch the various birds going about their business, singing, putting their nest together, bringing food to the baby birds still on the nest. Quietly sit and watch, a squirrel will soon come right up to you. It will noisily ask you,”what are you are you doing next to my tree?” It will announce your location to all the other creatures.

When you silently sit in the woods, after awhile you will see deer walking around looking for something to eat. It will not be the deer the squirrel shouted warnings to. You will never hear deer approaching, unless something is chasing them, they are the quietest travelers in the woods.

Rabbits will come running down their little bunny trails and stop to look at you for a second, then speed away. An owl that has been awakened by some other creature will let out a few hoots and move himself to a new location to wait for his nocturnal feeding flights.

You can listen to the trees as the wind moves their branches about. They will rub against each other making sounds of their own, almost what you would call music of the hardwood forest.

If you are fortunate enough to have evergreen trees that you can walk between you will discover a whole new quiet. The wonderland sight of a forest of evergreens. The wind blowing past is barely heard, the trees hardly move, except for the very tops, everything living there is super sensitive to any external noise in their midst.

I would also miss the many rivers and lakes on our blue planet. they are busy with recreational vehicles, swimmers, water skiers, sailboats and speedboat operators, water recreation on this planet has to be better than anything else in the universe. We are very fortunate to have an abundance of water for drinking, fishing and other recreational use.

Our productive farmland on this planet can produce food to feed everyone yet, that day might be coming when starvation become more common on some parts of the globe. The ability to produce food and feed people continues to grow. We must all learn to be better stewards of the land and water that we have at our disposal on this planet. We do not have an unlimited supply of resources.

If technology continues to grow at the pace it is going, there might well be missions to Mars and other planets. The sole purpose of finding ways of survival for this planet. I know I would not want to be one of the pioneers that is on a one way mission that would take a lifetime.

I would also miss family, friends and other loved ones. Most people leaving this earth don’t have a chance to say good bye, that would be a sobering, sad farewell occasion. “So long, going to Mars, won’t be back.”

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