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Toot Your Horn
Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I believe the most favorite thing about myself, the one thing I really like, the fact that I am so easy to get along with. I like myself because I want others to like me. It would be hard for even a stranger to like me if I didn’t like myself. It would stand out like a neon sign. If a stranger asks you, “what kind of people live around here?” Ask him, “what kind of people lived where you came from?” You then can tell him, “that’s probably what you will find here.”

I have always been very careful about not entertaining negative thoughts or negative ideas. I realize that negativity will bring you down without you even realizing it. I learned it is best not to give negatives any time to play their games in my head.
That brings to mind “the nattering nabobs of negativism, Spiro Agnew” He tried to make humor out of what he considered his political opponents negativity.

I do my best staying active, doing exercises on a regular basis. I do realize our minds and bodies are closely intertwined and do their best while working together as a team. Exercising deliberately and slowly also helps me not to do it in excess. At one time I considered exercise to be a brisk walk from my easy chair to the refrigerator for a snack.. Exercise and I get along great now.

Setting goals has been a part of my life that I’ve always been very careful with. I never try to set goals that are too high or hard to obtain. Setting goals and chasing dreams are two very different things. It can be fun to chase dreams but if you never catch that dream it will never become reality. My goals and dreams continue to get along just fine with me. We have an understanding.

I have traveled through many different parts of this world. I have found out most of the people that I encountered were easy to get along with. That begs the question? Were they easy to get along with because I was easy to get along with?

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