Truckdriver or Offset Press Operator.


Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

I was 23 years old and had to make the decision to change jobs, my back wouldn’t take bouncing around in the truck any longer.

I took a job as an apprentice offset press operator. I learned all of the hundreds of different places on that printing press that had to be oiled constantly, learned how to mix different ink for the color jobs, clean and store printer plates, fan reams of paper to take the static electricity out, so they would feed correctly through the press, make sure the ink and water balance was always right.

I was totally proud of myself. My boss’s dad was 90 years old, with a nasty, mean mouth, he spent most of his day cussing me while looking over my shoulder and telling me what I was doing wrong before I did it.

One morning I came in early and had a chat with the boss. Sir, I love this job but your dad is driving me out of my mind. I can’t continue being your apprentice press operator.

I was back on the road again, that big eighteen wheeler was singing my song.

2 thoughts on “Truckdriver or Offset Press Operator.

    • Printing would have been a great life but being in a environment controlled building with no windows doesn’t work well with a outdoors person. I took that job the year after I got my back broke but couldn’t stay cooped up.


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