Blah Be Gone


“Have you ever noticed how a gray, rainy day makes you feel gloomy and tired, but a sunny day can leave you feeling cheerful and energized? Well, there’s a scientific reason for this. Insufficient exposure to sunlight has been associated with low levels of melatonin and serotonin, carbohydrate craving, weight gain, and sleep disturbance.” The following URL will take you to valuable information about this dreaded disorder.

I have suffered from this seasonal affective disorder for many years. I recently told my wife after we went through about a three week period with absolutely no sunshine, I said, “your old sweet thing here is about to have a mental breakdown, a full-blown state of depression, I don’t think I can stand one more day without some sunshine. “Do you want me to be gloomy and depressed or what.?” She replied, no dear, “I do not want you to be depressed.” In the drawer near the TV is a bunch of your old I Love Lucy movies, watch some of them and it will perk you right up. Be sure you wear your headset, I can’t stand the noise from that TV.

Are you crazy woman? I am about to have people with straight jackets coming to take me away!` Do you think I’m going to get well sitting here watching I Love Lucy? Give me a break! What I need are bright lights and some entertainment, I can fly out to Las Vegas for a couple weeks. The bright lights and entertainment should keep me from losing my marbles. She said, “There is a string of Christmas lights out on the front porch you forgot to take down.” I love you, “You relax here in your recliner, I will put the Christmas lights around your neck” You can still watch Lucy and have bright lights too.

Hello Ralph, “Leland here, if you got a little time to spare I would like you to come over and see what I’m doing.” Ralph says, “you son-of-a-gun you got your new pool table.” No, no, “that’s not it.” By the way, stop by the liquor store and pick up a big bottle of brandy, yes, get the one with the easy pour handle on the side.”

Depression, you will have to leave for awhile when Ralph gets here.

5 thoughts on “Blah Be Gone

  1. My husband had seasonal disfunctional disorder. A friend gave him her sun visor type cap that had a certain type of light in the visor that shone down in his eyes. It was supposed to dispel the symptoms. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the patience to wear it often…But perhaps it might help you as you watch Lucy!!!


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