Bloody Bladder Bugs


Old Geezer On Back


I had an unscheduled break from my blogging. Last Wednesday night I went to bed with the chills, I woke up a couple hours later with leg cramps and I went to stand up to get rid of the leg cramps, my old body was limp as a wet noodle. I didn’t know what was going on, my wife called the ambulance after they did my blood pressure they decided I should go to the emergency room.

Off to the hospital, we went in the middle of the night, as per usual, can’t go in the daytime. They found out I had some really nasty bugs taking up residence in my bladder, my blood pressure decided to go south on me.  They poured all the antibiotics they could find through a line into my heart. I spent a couple days in intensive care, then got back home on Sunday. Hope I can return to some blogging here for a while before another chapter about old bodies comes up.

I was going to tough it out again, soldier on alone, my wife insisted I get in the ambulance and go to town instead. It’s a good thing I went. It now looks like I might continue writing, raving or whatever for a while yet. I have to try to get caught up in answering comments and so on. Thank you, all prayers and concerns for this old timer.

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