If I Could Turn Back Time



If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again or to do something over, which part of your life would you return to? Why?

Today’s assignment:” publish a post based on your own, personalized take on a blogging prompt. There was a time in this world when you got a lot of your “education out behind the barn.” now you can get smartened up a whole bunch right at WordPress.com.

WordPress.com chooses these daily prompts as a way to set our blogging minds in motion, shake the roost, rattle the cage to get some action, hopefully at a rapid learning pace. Now I find this new assignment an impossible thing to accomplish because I have no time machine. I am quite confident I will not find one, even at Radio Shack! I will give it a go though if one becomes available to me at any time in the near future. For that reason, I do not think I’m going to be returning to the past to relive any part of my life.

The prompt does raise an exciting question, everyone must have a special part of their life they would just love to redo. “To relive and not redo”, will just leave you wanting again. What has been done in the past, is over, no more, kaputz, finished. Why have another shot at burning an old bridge?

I know each day of my life has been guided, nurtured and molded or influenced by many different people. It would be an impossible thing to go back through my life and through all of my interactions with many different people, friends, family. teachers. employers, drill instructors, and others. The human being will never be changed by external forces or wishes. Any change will have to come from within.

The whole point behind these prompts is to set the mind in motion, get that high powered, high-velocity imagination churning out some thoughts, like throwing a little gas on the fire! The new prompt thought suggestions search for a entry into the mind, which level to enter, study, write, edit or publish? After much sorting and collating most goes to the round file.

Prompts make for a very exciting teasing event in the thought process, pushing our mental activities to new limits, maybe warp, if not turbo speed. The human brain is a very large, complex, wrinkled organ, yet influenced by proper prompting. The mind could take any story written or verbal, redo it, reformat, rewrite it, to have something new and possibly better each time. That must be where authors take the Blog ball and run with it.

There was one thing in my life I would use the time machine for. I would go back to a night in June of 1964. I would not get behind the steering wheel of my car. That is the night I received a broken back when I went to sleep at the wheel driving.
I haven’t had to travel back in time or use my imagination or recall drugs. I have relived that night thousands and thousands of times during my life. If that hadn’t happened I may have fallen out of my tree stand while deer hunting, stuff happens. Nothing has changed. Somebody once made this statement, “Trials and tribulation build perseverance.” I now know a few things about perseverance.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
‘Calvin Coolidge’

I was convinced that it was over; I was ready to give up; throw in the towel; call it a day. The human mind and life in that body came as a package deal. It is a stand-alone time machine, one package, it is almost incorruptible. If you continue to Press On and live the best life possible, you will overcome any obstacle that is thrown out to snare you. You’ll just be able to leap over it and not look back, you just keep on going.

That is kinda of what this blogging is all about, expanding and growing, always improving.
Blogging U.

The Growing Wealth Gap

credit cards.jpg

The increasing gap between the American wealthy and the rest of the people continues to grow, as poverty does all over the world. There is a biblical saying, “ the meek shall inherit the earth,” another “the borrower is slave to the lender.” The meek have been borrowing far to much, but the laws have been written to make the rich richer. The meek will have a hard time finding peace now, they will inherit a world of debt.

Wall Street continues to boom, money manipulators are piling up fortunes like never before. The working people with lower incomes and retired people can’t even get a decent interest rate if they had money to save. Retired people who had savings put away earn very little interest income. The consumer driven economy, is growing as credit card debt builds up. Consumers live on borrowed money and the government continues to operate on borrowed money.

The state and federal lawmakers sell government property that was paid for by the taxpayer and then lease it back from their investor friends. The taxpayer ends up leasing property forever that they owned at one time. The Federal Reserve just prints more money so investors can buy more Treasury Bonds The only sure thing for the future looks like unsustainable debt.

The big banks were bailed out partly by the same consumer taxpayer who got ripped off by them. The banks got together and robbed the whole country with their crooked real estate business deals. Bank profits reach new highs almost every day from loans, fees, overdraft charges etc. The credit card companies seem to hand out credit cards to anybody with an address, regardless of their credit rating.

The lawmakers have refused to regulate or rein in their wealthy supporters; instead they hand out food stamps and Medicaid to those moving into poverty income levels. That bubble is ready to burst too. The honest, bill paying, working people are getting mad as hell. They go to work and punch a time clock. Millions of them can’t afford decent health care or to feed their families beef, unless it is low grade hamburger. Those working people get a little upset when they check out of the grocery store. The shopper on food stamps might have his shopping cart full of steaks and shrimp. That food stamp shopper probably qualifies for subsidized rent and Medicaid too.

The average personal income has seen its biggest drop in twenty years yet the shopper is expected to keep our consumer driven economy growing with credit cards. The nation will reach the point where our money will be worthless and inflation will rule the day. The lawmakers in Washington DC and most corporations could care less how the working man survives from day-to-day. Millions of high paying jobs have been outsourced and millions of foreign workers have been brought in to do low paying jobs.

When interest rates on savings are less than 1 percent the Federal Reserve is actually taxing, or taking away from the lower income and retired people. Every small organization, church, perpetual care fund, etc. depends on interest income from small CDs and saving accounts. They are all being robbed in today’s economy. Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke have kept interest rates near zero for almost twenty years. They give to the banks yet the banks pay the saver next to nothing. People saved in the past because they were mindful of their future security. Not many people today care about their future, or the future of the United States. Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street. street.http://www.marketwatch.com/story/most-americans-are-one-paycheck-away-from-the-street-2015-01-07

Usury laws were written years ago to protect the consumer, borrower and their futures. The credit card branches of the big banks made money the old fashioned way when they first started. They checked your credit and charged a fair rate of interest. The banks must have decided credit card profits were not growing fast enough in those early days. They got together and met with their lawmaking friends and got the usury laws changed. Our country has millions of people today paying the price for those usury law changes, millions more are living with a future of hopeless debt. In the 1970s, a large bank promised to move their credit card operations to the small state of South Dakota if that state would change its usury laws. The state’s legislature complied and the bank moved to South Dakota. The Supreme Court gave the deal their blessings. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/credit/more/rise.html

The results from those actions created huge credit card profits for that bank; other states soon did the same thing. That greedy move was the start of the debt-ridden, credit card-driven economy that we have today.
The growing wealth gap was designed years ago and seems to be working according to plan.



This is Wednesday, January 13 yesterday’s assignment on blogging 101 was to make comments on four different blogs of the people who are enrolled in Blogging 101.

I was carefully exploring the Blog Roll for my four choices to comment on. It was my good fortune to discover a very exciting blog named “ITCHINGFORHITCHING”

It is a light-hearted guide to caravanning Australia. They have a large category cloud that covers just about everything in their great land. The Photo Gallery is beyond awesome, it should have an admission fee.There are Caravan Clubs to join in Australia for a small membership fee, who can help with travel plans. There are solo clubs that you can belong to and they share information back and forth about anything and everything.

The folks who have this blog ITCHINGFORHITCHING, travel across, around, back and forth, crisscrossing, up and down, all over the Continent of Austrailia. They travel together in a variety of vehicles. New or old, whatever each traveler chooses for his home.You become a new person, free to go where your mind leads you. The idea is to have a new life, a free life, somewhat of a nomadic style. “Out there” is now your world. You front room window has a changing view by day or week. Tired of the sites, or a neighbor, (I doubt that) hook up and take off, your home goes with you. You travel to another area enjoy all there is to see and do, meet and fellowship with the other travelers. Soon you are doing a Willie Nelson, ” On The Road Again.” Or the older folks maybe pull a Hank Snow, I’m Movin On.

(A few quotes from ITCHINGFORHITCHING”)

“Retirement travel is a “rite of passage” for those of us of a certain age, to see as much as possible before the inevitable. It sometimes feels a bit like being a surfie traveling from beach to beach. Apparently, it is ok to wander aimlessly at twenty and again after sixty, but not so in the ‘between’ years. So make the most of what time you have and get out there and enjoy it.”

“Why does caravanning appeal to the older traveler? Because it provides all of the comforts of home without the deadlines, timetables and luggage handling. Just imagine looking out your window each morning to a different view, from your own soft bed, on your own pillow. Today the view may be a mountain stream, tomorrow an unspoiled beach.”

“Friends invited us to their place for New Year’s Eve. All of our club members were invited and to take the worry out of driving we were told to bring our vans as there is plenty of room. Now that’s an offer that we couldn’t refuse because as all RVers know, there is no finer place to sleep than in your own home on wheels. Many is the time that we’ve happily given our bedroom to house guests while we’ve snored our heads off out in the driveway. We have friends who spend Christmas each year snoozing out front …”

My wife and I took a trip about 25 years ago up through Canada down the West Coast of the US and back home I had the idea to keep a journal of that trip. So I kept a record of our trip on an old laptop computer with no hard drive it had a 3.5-inch floppy disk. It seems like it may have been kerosene operated, no I think that was supposed to be a joke. 🙂 I recall using it by flashlight a few times. This following post is from ITCHINGFORHITCHING the person writing this post describes in detail what it’s like to have battery-operated, almost everything, no A/C JUST D/C on some travel days and nights. It is not all fun and games. This person is also enrolled in Blogging 101 and is active and keeps her blog work going. I know you will enjoy the following read. She describes it much better than I ever could.


One of the advantages of travel is writing about one’s own adventures but how does one write a daily blog about life ‘on the road’, when one is ‘on the road’?With great difficulty!

As I sit here penning this draft it is near midnight and my husband is snoring, loudly. We’ve been free camping for four days without mains power. Relying on our solar panels. Perhaps we’ve been a little too relaxed this week but all of our devices are suddenly in need of a charge. That’s two phones, an iPad, and a laptop and I’m juggling them.

I prefer to post my blogs from the laptop at present as I’m partaking in the WordPress Blogging 101 course online and I can more easily access both my site and the course site with the laptop. No doubt that problem will be resolved at some stage during the course.
As I’m sitting in the caravan in the middle of a small town park, here is tonight’s routine:

Check the power of each device. The laptop is seriously low.
Plug the laptop into the inverter (to draw power via the caravan’s 12-volt plug).
Quickly access WordPress for today’s course task.
Turn off the laptop and continue with the charging, even though we had the inverter specified by an electronics expert it appears that we need a larger one (we may as well get a gutsy one that powers the coffee machine as well next time).
Write up today’s journal while the laptop charging. Sometimes a story that seems insignificant will become relevant in a few months time. Last year I wrote many small notes about bush flies, they will one day be amalgamated into one blog about the hot deal with or get used to bush flies.
I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that today’s course task doesn’t require a specific type of story. The laptop is now half charged so it gets fired up again and I post a pre-prepared story. I like to keep a few ready to go to times like this. It’s better to let life get in the way of the blog rather than the other way around, else we’d all be worse off.
I quickly answer any comments then switch off to conserve power. There’s no time for course discussion with other students or reading of theirs or other followed blogs. I’m missing this side of blogging already after only a few days.
I plug the iPad into the inverter and give it some charge.
I can only be thankful that we are in phone range or else all aspects of blogging would be ‘curtains’.

Oh holy hell! Now it’s midnight, banjos are still plucking in the night (we’re at the Girgarre Moosic Muster) and the iPad is back up to 42%.

Tomorrow we do it all again, but that will involve converting images from the RAW (the format that I shot in, not naked) to TIFF and JPG.

Now can somebody tell me why I’m doing this? Oh, that’s right, I really like writing, photography, and travel. I sure do.

I think you do this because it is a challenge, life is a challenge, caravanning is a big challenge. The rewards are greater than the challenge. You are free to share yourselves with natures unimaginable greatness, many never have that.

Family Dinner Out

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

ole 1922.jpg

Modern Families

Somebody in our family got the idea a while back that it would be just great if we all got together and had dinner out. Of course, the first question that came up, where to eat? Some wanted to go to McDonald’s, others wanted Chinese buffet. We had a few younger ones voted for Italian. One grandson with the oriental wife wanted Japanese sushi. I shouted, “this is getting us nowhere, we are all going to go to Ralph’s Gizzard Kitchen and pull a few tables together and enjoy a family dinner.”

We all finally got seated at Ralph’s Place. I ask,  “how about ordering.” Each one wants to order from the menu by themselves. Immediately I shouted, “No way José, this is not going to work, it will drain my bank account.” We can all have the special and I will pick up the check. If each one wants to order separately we will go Dutch. No one wanted the special, as I thought, with a breath of relief. Orders finally were all placed, waitresses started bringing out all the different meals.

Everyone was relaxing and enjoying their meals when we heard some police siren’s out in front. Pretty soon a policeman walked in the door with this big old fellow, who looked like a lumberjack. The policeman asked, “Is somebody here named Leland Olson.” That’s me, I replied.” The policeman says, “This old geezer was wandering around in the middle of the street looking for a restaurant called Ralph’s Gizzard Kitchen. Nobody in town seemed to know where it was.” Whoever picked this place to eat must not get out of the house much! So anyway, “This fellow claims to be the great-grandfather of Leland Olson. He got the message to meet everyone here for a family dinner.”

I jumped up and gave my great-grandpa a big old hug, you look great, you died in 1914. I started banging a glass with my spoon. Can I have everyone’s attention, “This is great-grandpa Ole Hoel, he came all the way from Canada to have dinner with us.” Sit down and join us. So, “how have things been going with you grandpa, what would you like to eat?” Salted herring and lutefisk are out of season right now. They have excellent walleye fillets, I heard you always liked fish, we all did. Grandpa said, “That will be just fine, “but I don’t seem to have the appetite I had working in the woods all day.”

I asked, “How long can you stay,” They said, ‘until dinner is over’ “I thought maybe you could come out to the house and stay awhile.” ‘Well, that is not part of the deal.’ I’m here to just have dinner with you and your family, to see what you all look and act like.’ “Frankly, I am shocked, It looks like you all have a lot of confusion and bad manners.” “You should all be eating at one table at your home.” ‘Grandpa things change.’ He says, “Don’t know why things got to change that much, only been a little over a 100 years or so since I left here.”

So I asked him, “If you’re leaving after dinner, I hope you’re not walking all the way back to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.” No way, “Walk that far, you nuts? I did it once in 1905! “I will be returned to Canada the same way I got here. Something beamed me up, I didn’t have my Derby hat so they beamed me back down, got my hat, they beamed me up again and it brought me here. I hope they get it right going back.”

Thanks for supper, it was nice to meet your family. Leland, What did you say you do? Blogging? Never heard of it, “Now logging, I know a lot about log………

Bye, bye, great-grandpa, I love you.

Can’t Feel At Home


Blogging U.

There is an age-old question. “Was it God Who created man, or was it man who created God.?”
Tribes and peoples from all over the world since the beginning of time have believed in a creator maybe not the same God as some religions. People have lived their lives in different ways, with the belief that they had been created and some day they would spend eternity with that creator.
I decided to write this post as a way of reaching out and touching people who might feel they are undecided with the idea of a creator and everlasting life with that creator after they die. I have added an old song to my post

This world is not my home I’m just a passing through
My treasures and my hopes are all beyond the blue
Where many friends and kindred have gone on before
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

Many who believe in a creator and live their faith, seem to have a peace they find hard to explain, because it can’t
be explained. They live a life without stress and strain and other unhealthy conditions. There creator is looking out for them.

Over in glory land there is no dying there
The saints are shouting victory there’s singing everywhere
I hear the voice of them that I have heard before
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

For those people who are undecided on this idea of our creator caring about us, wishing us well, trying to keep us out of trouble and keep us from harming ourselves. Some might say, “I had a guardian angel protecting me last week when I was almost in a car accident.” Or I was just coming out of surgery and it seemed as though I was going down a long hallway with a bright light at the end and I was peaceful and I didn’t have a care in this world anymore, I felt I was going home to be with my creator. There are millions of stories like this exchanged all the time and it has gone on forever.

Oh lord you know I have no friend like you
If heaven’s not my home oh lord what would I do
Angel’s beckon me to heaven’s open door
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

We can live in this world for many years if we take care of our bodies and eat right and exercise right. As we get older we start to realize many of our friends are no longer with us they have passed on. Some have the feeling that relatives are watching them from heaven and wishing them well and looking out for them. There is a peace in this too, it is hard to understand also.

Heaven’s expecting me that’s one I know
I fixed it up with Jesus a long time ago
He will take me through though I am weak and poor
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

There are times in our lives something happens and we are in extream danger, the human body wants to live. We feel in danger of dying we start talking to our creator, maybe for the first time. Testing our wings at prayer, please help me, I don’t want to die. Please get me through this and I will be a new person I will turn over a new leaf, will quit my old wicked ways. This is like playing let’s make a deal with your creator but it doesn’t work. He wants your faith to be reflected in how you live your daily life, how you treat you neighbor.

Oh I have a loving mother over in glory land
I don’t expect to stop until I shake her hand
She’s gone on before just waiting at heaven’s door
And I cant feel at home in this world anymore

We don’t tend to think about our life ending until were getting into old age and our final chapter in this world. Then we have more time to consider the end is not too far away possibly. Have I done anything about it? Most all religions tell their people you will not find eternal life through your good works and trying to be a good person. It must come through your faith and your faith alone in the creator who made you.

Can’t Feel At Home
Author: na
Version: Carter Family
Discography: Not Available

Blog or Bust


Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.

My first assignment posted at Blogging University, Blogging 101, is introduce myself to the world.

Hello World, “My name is Leland Olson, I’m 75 years old so some of you know me well.” I am, “Really glad to be here, or anywhere in this world.” I decided a half a dozen years ago to make an attempt at writing, not realizing it at the time that it was called blogging. I love life, humor has always been a great friend of mine.

My reason for deciding to blog was my deteriorating physical condition. It has continued to get worse, now I am almost a full-time blogger. Don’t get out much anymore. Life is playing out in slow motion for me. My life experiences have been extremely varied. I have had many different types of jobs. I found writing about my life experiences has supplied my writing with plenty of fuel so far. I will probably attempt several different writing venues, one thing I have learned, “Truth is much stranger than fiction.” My photographic skills have not surfaced yet, will have to work on that for photo blogs.

At one time I thought about having a private blog and decided against it. I’ve come to realize if I can share my life experiences with others and if even one person is helped by something I have written. I will feel it has been a worthwhile adventure. I am a 50+ year survivor of a severe spinal cord injury. That alone gives me plenty to write about. There are other people out there who have suffered from spinal cord injury, if they want to share notes on how their lives have gone. I will be very happy to share my life experiences with them. Spinal cord injury is a very nasty thing that usually affects each individual in different ways, but always leaves disabling consequences.

I started blogging at WordPress in September of 2015 so I’m a newbie here. I have found WordPress provides excellent tools that are fairly easy to learn, I have had some problem with a few areas but there are lots of help forums to fall back on. I do think anyone choosing to blog at WordPress has found a very good place to call home. If I am still blogging here a year from now I hope to be reaching a lot more people around the world. I know doubt will try to test the waters and experiment with different areas of writing. I have made a few attempts at some fiction and found it to be challenging. Humor should remain funny. I may leave that alone.

Blogging U.

2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 800 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy New Year




Stroke of Midnight
Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

Last night while sitting in my easy chair I came to realize the year 2015 is rapidly running out of gas. This year is going to be a whole lotta gone, real soon. Here I sit, wondering what I should do first turn down the thermostat or see if the cat has food and water. I best not chance to make a poor decision, better think about this a while. I had a list of resolutions that got lost under my chair, should look for it in 2016.

My mind drifted or wandered back to one year I was on a picket line on New Year’s Eve. Our trucking company was in ‘mistake mode’, something called a strike was in progress. I was due to have someone take my place, so my wife came and picked me up and we went out dancing and welcoming in the new year. Now that I think about it, that was 40 some years ago. We had a lively night, partied on, danced almost every dance. Somebody spilled something on the floor and all of a sudden my wife slipped and did a new dance move. One she wasn’t planning on, landed badly and broke her wrist. The New Year had already been ushered in, so we decided it was time to head for home. After she broke her wrist. I realized I didn’t need a designated driver that night after all. I took her to our small town emergency room the next day. The doctor said, “I’ll be down there to look at her arm soon as the game is over.” He said, “You waited this long, wait a little longer until I get there.”

Meanwhile back in my chair, I arrived at the conclusion, to turn the thermostat down no use wasting electric heat all night long. Then I proceeded to fill the cat’s dish with food and water. I better take my pills too while I’m doing these last-minute chores. It was rapidly approaching that bewitching hour so I turned the lights down and went to our bedroom. My wife had already been sleeping for close to one hour. I bent over and kissed her happy new year on the forehead, she had her CPAP mask on. She replied,”hrpffy nnhy to ue to.” So as soon as the ball fell, I covered up by this tired old body and went to sleep. 2016 was welcomed into one more quiet and cautious household.

The daily prompt asks the question, “would you rather have been somewhere else?” Well isn’t that a nice loaded question? For a retired party animal! The answer surely comes to mind instantly. Almost anywhere else where there is a party. No not really, my wife and I plan, to stay happy healthy and wise in 2016, prosperous we realize is already out of the question. Chicken soup and TLC (tender loving care)  on the daily menu.