Life After Blogs


Worst Solar Storm Ever


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Life After Blogs
Your life without a computer: what does it look like? Very bad! If the worlds electronics all get fried due to a huge solar storm, it sure will create millions of new jobs developing something that will not get fried. One problem, how to manufacture things without power? We just went back to the late 1800’s. One solution, start everything over from scratch. That will create 0% unemployment over night.

Life after blogging is not going to be like anything we understand at the present time, it will be almost nonexistent, as far as blogging we take for granted today. There will be no international connections made. You will not be blogging instantly with people all over the world. This will come about possibly through a dramatic increase in the intensity and duration of solar flares and solar storms, disrupting our broadcast means. It might possibly be done through enemies taking others’ satellites out of commission to stop broadcasting. The world has progressed into the blogging as we know it today at a very rapid pace.
We could go backward in a very big hurry too.

What is to keep us from going back the other direction just as fast? International communications is the lifeblood for blogging as we know it, if that was made useless there would be no more blogging. Our blogging will be like getting the old daily or weekly newspaper. We could have small Internet sites broadcasting their signals the way cell phone towers were doing in the last decades, it will be a very slow process. It will be slightly better than sneaker networks, snail mail and dial up internet. We have never gone back wards in our history! YET?

Life after blogging is possibly a very serious thing being studied in the war rooms of every superpower in the world. The people who control the use of these worldwide broadcasting systems will be holding the Power ball. They will have the trump cards in all the games being played. It would appear that blogging has become a tool to shrink this world and make it ever closer together. The people from every location of the earth with a computer can feel like a neighbor with those anywhere else in the world. Why would they want to be enemies? There are evil powers working hard to keep worldwide peace from ever happening. If blogging was ever to be brought to an end they would no doubt be the ones doing the nasty work to make it happen.”

If this universe was all designed and set in order by a creator, there is a possibility that creator made a decision to let a solar storm happen for a reason. To save this world from itself. The world has been on a path of mutual self destruction for years. It would be like a time machine trip for the whole world, back to horse and buggy days.

2 thoughts on “Life After Blogs

  1. From what I have read solar storms have been going on since the beginning of time. We are very fortunate that the Sun treats the Earth with favor. From the reading I have done, the solar storm from this picture hit in the 1800’s. At that time the only thing the Earth really had running electronically was the telegraph. Telegraph operators got zapped from the massive charge and some of the wires to their machines even melted. If a storm like that was to hit today it would pretty much fry all the high tech electronics on this Earth’s. A very scary thought, electrical power and everything would be sent back in time about a 150 years. Imagine the employment that would create? The Industrial Revolution would have to start all over!! Natural resources would not last long, the second time around.

    Remember the good old days of kerosene lamps and keeping warm by burning wood, coal, or corncobs, wouldn’t that be fun to go back to??


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