Kick It


Kick It
What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?
My wife and I went to bed early the other night. If this had been 40 years ago, there might have been a story there, we have been married for 44 years. My wife Rose Marie is 82, I am 75.

We were lying in bed talking, I asked my wife, “You remember all the different bucket list we started throughout the years? She said, “not really, what do you mean by bucket list.” Dear, “A bucket list is a list of the things that you think are important in your life, you would like to get certain things done before you die.” Things that give you a better life, fulfilled life and a life of happiness and contentment. If you plan a good bucket list, then strive to fulfill that list you can live a great life.

I remember one bucket item, please don’t yell at the girls, in time they will holler right back at you. Do you remember that? She says yes, now they yell at each other and their own kids. I recall when one of the girls would break curfew, you would get all wound up and say, you’re grounded for a month, they knew it would be at the most one day. Taking away privilages worked to a point. I still have your bucket with the hole in out of the back porch, as a memorial to your bucket lists. It would appear many things on your list went out through the whole on the side of the bucket.

Now we have to agree, we have had a very good life, we have been blessed in many different ways. We can always wonder about life, if we had been more faithful about keeping a bucket list when we were young. We might be retiring in Hawaii or Tahiti! Might as well dream big.

Our 2016 and beyond Bucket List.

1. We must continue to do some type of exercise daily.
2.Eat balanced meals three times a day and cut down on our calories.
3.Make sure we have our medication in the right order for each day of the week.
4.Keep all of the doctor appointments written on our little erasable board.
5.Continue to buy our own groceries as long as we are able.
6.Continue to do our laundry, it all counts as exercise.
7.Keep floors and the bathroom clean, keep the bed made.
8.Fresh water in our CPAP machines daily, keep them bug free.
9.Make sure we have enough portable oxygen tanks in case of a power outage
10.Keep in touch with all of the family, call at least one of them on a daily basis
11. Move in to the Senior Living Center.
All of these things on the bucket list are there for a reason. So we do not have to use 11. on the bucket list.

We both realize, we will give up the freedoms that we now have left. Going into the Senior Home is like taking a number and going to your room to wait there until you die. The facilities in these modern day care places are very nice, it is just the fact you are going into your last place in this world. The friendly undertaker will give you your last ride, after the life and spirit check out of your body.

When I was a kid I remember my dad talking about the old folks home in our little town. He laughed talking about it, but it was not funny. He said those old folks stayed in real good shape because they got a lot of exercise, they were active all the time. The bedbugs were so bad they could never sit still very long.

12 thoughts on “Kick It

  1. Aren’t there any fun things on your bucket lists? These all sound like things you “should” do and “must” do. What would you love to do that is an adventure or something you want to accomplish? Certainly your blog might have been one of those things even though it just sort of happened. Had you thought for a long time that you’d like to write a blog? How about making a trip back to Murdo? (Ha. I am going back in July for a town reunion!)


    • The bucket lists were mostly fun and games at one time, that might be the problem too many good time bucket lists. Now our new latest bucket list is a list of survival tactics. We know were not going to advance far from where we at today. Better make the most of the present time.


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